I'm a glass-half-full type of person. Whereas others might see this year's unrelenting stock market sell-off as a challenge, I see it as an opportunity. Stock prices are lower, meaning I can buy some of my favorite companies at more attractive valuations. Many of them pay dividends, allowing me to lock in higher yields.

Two of the best buying opportunities I see for income and future upside right now are Prologis (PLD 0.22%) and NextEra Energy (NEE 0.48%). Because of that, I've been buying shares hand over fist as they keep sliding. Here's why they stand out as some of the best total return opportunities out there.

Built-in growth

Shares of leading industrial REIT Prologis have plummeted more than 30% from their peak earlier this year. As a result of that sell-off, -- and a 25% dividend increase earlier this year -- Prologis' dividend now yields 2.7%. That's well above the S&P 500's 1.7% dividend yield. That above-average payout is on rock-solid ground. With a conservative 65% dividend payout ratio, Prologis is on track to produce $1.4 billion of post-dividend free cash flow this year. The company also has one of the highest credit ratings and strongest balance sheets in the REIT sector. 

Prologis should be able to continue growing its dividend at an attractive rate. Due to robust demand for warehouse space, there's a 62% gap between current market rents and the rates on the company's existing long-term leases. Because of that, the REIT expects its net operating income to grow at an 8% to 10% annual rate for the next several years as those leases expire and reprice to market rates. On top of that, Prologis recently closed a needle-moving deal for its largest peer, Duke Realty, and has a large pipeline of development projects under construction. These catalysts position the company to grow its FFO per share at a double-digit rate in the coming years.

That growth has analysts seeing lots of upside in the stock price. For example, Citi analyst Nicholas Joseph recently raised that bank's price target from $120 to $140 a share while affirming a buy rating on the stock. That implies almost 20% upside potential from the recent share price. Meanwhile, even though Deutsche Bank analyst Derek Johnson recently lowered the price target from $156 to $149 per share, that still suggests more than 25% upside from here. 

Powerful growth ahead

NextEra Energy has shed about 10% of its value this year. That sell-off and a 10% dividend increase earlier this year pushed its yield up to around 2%. 

The utility expects to continue increasing its payout by around 10% annually through at least 2024. One factor powering that plan is its conservative financial profile. NextEra's 60% dividend payout ratio is below the sector's 65% average. It also has a strong investment-grade balance sheet. In addition, it has visible growth prospects. The company expects to grow its adjusted earnings per share by as much as 10% annually through 2025. NextEra has an enormous backlog of renewable energy developments and other projects to fuel its earnings growth. 

That visible growth has most analysts believing shares should be trading at a much higher value. For example, Wells Fargo analyst Neil Kalton recently raised that bank's price target on NextEra's stock from $100 to $105 a share. That implies more than 20% upside from the recent price. Meanwhile, several other analysts have set their price targets at around $100 a share. 

A compelling combination

Prologis and NextEra pay above-average-yielding dividends that they should have no problem continuing to grow in the future, making them great income options. Meanwhile, with their stock prices down despite that growth, they have a lot of upside potential. That combination of income growth and price appreciation potential makes them stand out as some of the best stocks to likely earn strong total returns in the coming years. That's why I've steadily added to my positions this year and will continue adding if the market falls further.