Three hundred dollars isn't a fortune in the grand scheme of things. But it could help set the stage for impressive stock returns if invested in the right companies and held there over a long enough time frame. Nvidia (NVDA 1.25%) and Global-e Online (GLBE -0.08%) have what it takes to be companies that provide impressive returns on a relatively small investment.

Let's discuss why these two no-brainer stocks can generate respectable growth by providing the background infrastructure in their respective industries. 

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1. Nvidia 

Up by 63% year to date, Nvidia stock is surging as investors gain optimism about its future. While the company is still experiencing weakness in its gaming segment, the computing hardware and software designer's new pivot to artificial intelligence (AI) could help lead to the next leg of sustainable expansion.

Discussion on Nvidia's fourth-quarter earnings call paid special attention to ChatGPT -- a platform CEO Jensen Huang calls the next "iPhone moment" for the artificial intelligence. The online chatbot has been shown to provide a next-level ability to generate human-like responses to queries. And with improvements, similar technologies could evolve to revolutionize customer service, programming, and many other areas of the economy. 

But instead of taking on the risk of developing its own AI platform in an increasingly competitive space, Nvidia can drive plenty of growth by providing the GPU chip designs these platforms need to operate. According to market research company Omedia, ChatGPT relied on 10,000 Nvidia chips to train its model. The company is also working with 10,000 AI start-ups worldwide, which can help drive long-term demand for its products.        

2. Global-e Online 

Like Nvidia, Global-e Online has hit the ground running in 2023, with shares up by 37% year to date. The company's unique, enterprise-focused business model can help shield it from consumer demand uncertainty while generating massive long-term growth. 

Global-e runs a platform designed to make international e-commerce sales as simple as domestic sales. To pull this off, the company offers a suite of services, including website translation, currency conversion, and dealing with the customs issues involved in cross-border sales. By working in the background of the global e-commerce ecosystem, Global-e is somewhat shielded from challenges like inflation, which directly impact consumer-facing businesses. 

The strategy seems to be working. Global-e's fourth-quarter revenue soared 69% year over year to roughly $140 million, and adjusted EBITDA almost doubled to $21.8 million. With a price-to-sales (P/S) multiple of 11, shares are significantly more expensive than the market average of 2.3, but the premium looks justified considering the company's rapid growth and compelling business model.  

The benefit of being behind the scenes 

While Nvidia and Global-e are very different companies, they have one thing in common: both provide the infrastructure for other businesses to operate consumer-facing platforms. This strategy gives them a layer of protection from competition and uncertainty in AI technology and e-commerce. And their wide moats could help them turn a $300 investment into significantly more over the long term.