Inflation has eased for 10 consecutive months, with prices rising 4.9% in April after hitting a high of 9.1% in June 2022. As economic headwinds gradually improve, so, too, will consumer-reliant markets like the video game industry. Easing inflation should allow players to increase discretionary spending, so now is a prime time to add a gaming stock to your portfolio before it's too late.

Titans of the industry like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have long dominated gaming with the popularity of their respective consoles. However, lesser-known game companies that focus on other aspects of the market might offer more substantial gains over the long term as they could have more room to grow. 

Here are two under-the-radar gaming stocks you can buy and hold for the next decade. 

1. Nvidia 

Nvidia (NVDA -6.62%) has captured Wall Street's attention this year. Its potential in artificial intelligence (AI) sent the company's stock soaring more than 94% since Jan. 1. However, long before the current AI boom, Nvidia was best known for its position in PC gaming -- as a leader in graphics processing units (GPUs). 

The popularity of Nvidia's GPUs allowed it to capture an 88% market share in the consumer market as of the third quarter of 2022. Its dominant role in the industry hurt the company amid steep declines in the PC market last year, which was brought down by macroeconomic headwinds. As a result, Nvidia's gaming segment reported a 27% year-over-year decline in revenue of $9 billion in fiscal 2022.

However, the figure was an improvement on 2020's gaming revenue of $7.7 billion, suggesting the company remained on a growth path despite the economic downturn. Additionally, the segment will likely continue recovering and expanding as inflation improves.

Moreover, Nvidia has another lucrative role in gaming as the exclusive supplier of chips to the Nintendo Switch console. Since the gaming machine's debut in 2017, 126 million units have been sold, making it the third-bestselling console ever. Nintendo is expected to release a sequel to the Switch within the next two years, which could offer Nvidia a revenue boost it remains the console's chip provider.

Nvidia sports an attractive forward price/earnings-to-growth (PEG) ratio of 0.4, which makes it a compelling way to invest in the game industry. Meanwhile, the company's position as a leading chipmaker makes it an excellent stock to buy now and hold indefinitely. 

2. Amazon  

Amazon (AMZN -2.64%) is probably fairly down the list of companies that come to mind when considering the games market. However, the e-commerce giant has had significant success in game development and with its video game live-streaming platform, Twitch. 

The company founded Amazon Games in 2012, focusing on game publishing and development. It initially struggled to capture player interest but landed a hit with the launch of the online game New World in September 2021. The popular title sold 4.5 million copies in its first month, raking in more than $150 million.

The success seemingly set Amazon Games on a lucrative path, as the company recently announced that a Lord of the Rings-themed game in the same genre as New World is under development.

Moreover, Amazon's 2014 acquisition of Twitch made the company the leader in the $12 billion games live-streaming industry. In 2022, the platform generated an estimated $2.8 billion, garnering 7.6 million users every month. 

Twitch has given Amazon a solid position in gaming, and the platform is continuing to grow in popularity alongside the rise of live streaming. Additionally, the service is a useful tool for Amazon to market newly developed games to mass audiences. 

An economic downturn last year dragged down Amazon shares considerably. However, easing inflation will likely offer investors significant gains as the company recovers. Analysts seem to agree: The company's average 12-month price target is $138, projecting a stock rise of about 24%.

Considering this, as well as its leading market share in e-commerce and the cloud market, Amazon is an attractive under-the-radar gaming stock you can hold for the long term.