Motley Fool Stock Advisor is The Motley Fool's flagship investing newsletter. Over the last decade-plus, Stock Advisor co-advisors (and Motley Fool co-founders, and brothers!) David and Tom Gardner have led the Stock Advisor team in picking market-beating stocks. (In fact, as of 9/28/2017, they've more than tripled the S&P 500's return!)

That's why this special offer for Stock Advisor is so special – because, for a limited time, you can get access to Stock Advisor – including its market-beating advice, and a bundle of goodies we're about to detail -- for more than half off!

Tom and David Gardner smiling at the camera in front of a window.

Tom and David Gardner, Stock Advisor co-advisors. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Stock Advisor has stock ideas...

As an investing ideas service, Motley Fool Stock Advisor comes loaded with stock ideas. Each month, David and Tom each pick a stock to recommend to investors. Usually it's a new stock, but occasionally a company is so strong that it gets the honor of a "re-rec" and a second seal of approval from them and their teams.

Every month, David and Tom – and their analyst teams – also pick five stocks that they've already recommended as "best buys now." That's ten stocks each month. These companies usually have had something materially change recently – maybe their share price is down, signaling a buying opportunity; maybe they just inked a huge deal, creating a new growth vertical; maybe they just named a new CEO with a history of grand slams – that makes them particularly timely opportunities for investors. If you're looking to deploy money right now, best buys are designed to help.

If you're a new investor, don't fret. The Stock Advisor team picks ten "starter stocks" each year that are supposed to serve as the anchors of a well-diversified portfolio. (And if you're an experienced investor just beginning to learn the Stock Advisor way of doing things, they're a great resource too.)

...and so much more

Tom and David founded The Motley Fool to educate individual investors, and the Stock Advisor team works every day to fulfill that mission. Stock Advisor comes loaded with extra educational materials designed to help both new and experienced investors better understand the stock market, individual stocks, and their own investing psychology.

Every recommendation made by Tom and David comes with an extensive, detailed write-up explaining the investing thesis, potential hiccups, and what's next for the company. The Stock Advisor team updates members whenever any recommended company reports material news – think quarterly earnings or anything big enough to move the stock significantly – and informs members when the investing thesis has significantly changed.

From time to time, the Stock Advisor team identifies a big, investable trend that they believe members should be aware of. When that happens, the analyst team puts together a big research report detailing the opportunity and the stocks most poised to profit.

Stock Advisor's message boards are another huge educational opportunity for members, as they come stuffed with members who like to talk shop – whether stocks or personal finance. The community is a big benefit for new members, whether they're just starting on their investing journey or are seasoned hands looking to quickly understand how to maximize Stock Advisor's value.

Stock Advisor's special offer: The clock is ticking

Normally, Stock Advisor costs $199 per year. But we have a special offer going on right now that offers potential new members a significant discount on a one-year subscription (and even more substantial discounts on two-year and three-year terms). Pop on over to check it out – but don't delay, because a deal this good won't last forever.

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