If I've learned one thing in my career at the Fool, it's that you should always listen to a man who can sneak a puppy into his home on Christmas Eve and keep it undetected until his daughters find it under the tree on Christmas morning. So when Fool analyst Jason Moser talks, I'm inclined to listen. Today, he shares four compelling companies that he's currently keeping an eye on. And for your investing convenience, you can create your own customized watchlist by visiting www.MyWatchlist.com or by clicking one of the links at the bottom of this article.

Some investors focus on a particular industry, market cap, or investing style, but as you could probably tell from the puppy story, Jason knows no limits. Today's companies include a freight company, a play on the trend in cloud computing, and two beverage makers -- although one's a stimulant and one's a depressant, so they balance each other out nicely.

One to watch
As every subscriber to Logistics Management magazine surely already knows, the trucking industry should rebound nicely from our recession and predictions for tighter trucking capacity abound. As American Trucking Association Chief Economist Bob Costello said late last year, the industry is "on the cusp of some of the best years in trucking's history." The magazine further predicted that the next two to three years will be very strong for trucking pricing.

That's very good news for Jason's first company, HUB Group (Nasdaq: HUBG), a provider of intermodal (from the train to the destination) shipping along with truck brokerage and logistics services. The share price has climbed more than 30% since last fall, but Jason thinks this attractive business merits further investigation.

Two to watch
Although it might look like a typo from a Chinese food menu, LogMeIn (Nasdaq: LOGM) is actually in the business of providing remote connectivity solutions to businesses and consumers around the world, with more than 100 million devices connected to the service.

As Jason recently wrote for his Rising Stars portfolio, "As cloud computing takes hold, LogMeIn is sure to face stiff competition, but its IPO in June 2009 helped it establish a presence. With its diverse product line, it looks like it has something for just about everyone. In fact, its iPad-optimized app is one of the highest grossing apps in the Apple App Store. The stock seems a little pricey at 57 times trailing earnings, but I think I'll keep an eye on this one for a while."

Three to watch
While LogMeIn might fly under the radars of many investors, that's not exactly the case for Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX). Now that the company has somewhat tempered its goal of having three stores at every intersection in America, Jason is once again intrigued by the company. And even though its price is perched near its 52-week high, Jason still sees room for the coffee giant to grow.

"For a long time, Starbucks was an American story," Jason said. "But with its continued expansion in China and now India, it's turning into a real international story, as well. Starbucks is seen as a kind of status symbol, so being available for a growing international middle class should mean a lot of opportunity for the company."

Four to watch
Although it's not yet as ubiquitous as Starbucks, Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM) is similar in that its beverages are great to start the day with, and the stock has seen a fairly dramatic run-up in recent months. The purveyor of Samuel Adams beer has a stellar management team, helmed by founder Jim Koch, and it's in the process of implementing a Freshest Beer program to reduce wholesaler inventory and improve quality, both of which make it an attractive possibility.

"They've always been a little on the pricey side, but recently they revised their earnings guidance upward, which sent the stock to the moon," Jason said. "It has started to come back down though, so I'm still hopeful. It's Samuel Adams beer, man -- the stuff speaks for itself. I still see plenty of room to grow simply because the quality of the product is so good and people like beer. I think there's still a chance to get in on a long-term winner here."

And that's why it pays to watch. Keep your eyes on all of these companies by adding them to My Watchlist, your free and customized hub for the news and numbers on the companies you care about. Just click below to start. And remember, he successfully smuggled a puppy into his home! This is not a man to be trifled with.

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