Most of the more than 17,000 investors who've rated Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) in Motley Fool CAPS believe in the business. They think the stock will outperform because the Big G is positioned to profit as information, advertising, and software move to the Web.

" 'Organizing the worlds information' is the most profitable activity to pursue on the Internet," wrote Fool ballengerm in pitching the stock last week. "Out of all the worlds large web-based companies, [Google] is the most correctly focused."

Focus is certainly part of it, but volume plays a role, too. Google is grabbing more data than ever thanks to a digital tidal wave called Chrome. Have a look:


Washing onto Redmond's shores
See the pattern? Not only has Chrome narrowed the gap with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Internet Explorer, but Google's browser is also just two percentage points behind Mozilla's Firefox in market share. It's like I said earlier this year; Microsoft isn't Mozilla's enemy, Google is. And the Big G is getting ready to roll over its rival as the market's second choice for finding and manipulating data online.

Don't be surprised if Chrome stays hungry for a while. We know from the revenue growth rates of service providers such as (NYSE: CRM), NetSuite (NYSE: N), and SuccessFactors (Nasdaq: SFSF) that users are taking to cloud computing in ever-increasing numbers.

Presuming this trend continues and users get more accustomed to using a Web page as a software interface, browsers that best replicate the desktop experience via standards such as HTML5 -- and do so while integrating with common services such as email -- will win users. Chrome and Gmail are already among the best in these areas. It's only a matter of time before market share data reflect this reality.

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