What's better than momentum? Mo' momentum.

Let's take a closer look at five of this past week's biggest scorchers.


Nov. 18

Weekly Gain

My Watchlist

VanceInfo (NYSE: VIT) $12.52 41% Add
Jaguar Mining (NYSE: JAG) $7.70 36% Add
ChinaCast Education (Nasdaq: CEDU) $5.11 30% Add
Global Cash Access (NYSE: GCA) $4.00 29% Add
NovaGold (AMEX: NG) $10.95 19% Add

Source: Barron's.

VanceInfo took off after posting quarterly results, even if the Beijing-based IT services provider's results missed Wall Street's expectations. Revenue grew 26%, but earnings growth came up short, partly as a result of the company expanding into financial services vertically toward the end of the quarter. Investors were just relieved that VanceInfo furnished thorough financials, as the stock has still shed nearly two-thirds of its value this year.

Jaguar Mining shareholders struck it rich after reports surfaced that China's Shandong is making an offer to buy the miner in a $1 billion deal. The all-cash offer to take Jaguar out at $9.30 a share has yet to be confirmed, explaining why the stock closed well short of that price.

ChinaCast moved to the head of the class after the Chinese provider of post-secondary education and online learning services revealed that it will explore an unsolicited buyout offer.

Global Cash Access -- a provider of cash access products to the casino industry -- completed its acquisition of MCA Processing's portfolio of cash access and redemption kiosk maintenance contracts.

NovaGold popped after the company revealed that it will be spinning off its copper mining operations in Alaska to key in on its Donlin gold projects. Gold over copper will get investors every time.

It was a great week for these five stocks. Now let's see if they're up for an encore.

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