Marvel's The Avengers is a hit, and IMAX (NYSE: IMAX) doesn't want to let it go.

Disney's (NYSE: DIS) superhero flick was supposed to run on IMAX's supersized screens through tomorrow, but having a one-week run of a movie that shattered box-office records just doesn't seem prudent.

Many IMAX theaters will now simply have The Avengers share the screen with Dark Shadows when it debuts on IMAX this weekend.

IMAX learned this lesson the hard way. It had Lions Gate's (NYSE: LGF) The Hunger Games slated for a limited one-week run, pulling it when Wrath of the Titans opened. By the time IMAX found a free window to bring back The Hunger Games, the meaty audiences had moved on.

This is obviously a good problem for IMAX to have. Most studios now want their most promising releases remastered for IMAX Screenings. It's a far cry from the time when there were only a handful of theatrical releases a year and exhibitors had to keep screening fading movies. Sure, studios may grow cautious if they see their slots bumped or their screen time forced into a sharing situation, but IMAX is more interested about making exhibitors happy and rewarding the moviemakers who crank out hits.

It will be moves like this, after all, that draw more theater owners into striking screen deals with IMAX.

After a horrendous 2011 for multiplex operators, 2012 is off to a strong start, and IMAX is going along for the ride. Analysts see the company's profitability more than doubling to $0.92 a share on a 25% spike in revenue.

Avenge away, IMAX. Moviegoers are apparently watching.

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