The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which senior analyst Matt Argersinger and analyst Paul Chi discuss topics around the investing world.

Facebook is grabbing all of the headlines, but there are plenty of other stocks that have come public this year. In today's video, Matt and Paul discuss two recent IPOs that may have something to offer investors looking to get in on the ground floor of the next great business and investment story. Get the names and the insights by watching the video.

Facebook recently became the largest company ever to IPO. Yet all the buzz around this social-media monster could prove off-base, as Facebook has deep problems converting its millions of members to revenue. We've created a new report, "Forget Facebook -- Here's the Tech IPO You Should Be Buying," that details a much better social-media stock that has a longer runway for growth than Facebook. The report won't be available forever, so click here to get access today -- it's totally free.