Sometimes all I want is a good list. And for whatever reason, getting a precise rundown of the top mortgage originators by volume and market share is harder to come by than one may think. Consequently, when I came across this data I thought I'd post it for both my and your future reference.

What follows, in turn, are the five largest mortgage originators in the third quarter of 2012. As you can see, these lenders alone accounted for a staggering 53% of all mortgages in July, August, and September. That adds up to a lot of dough when you consider that roughly $475 billion in home loans were made during the three-month stretch.


Third-Quarter Volume

Market Share

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC)

$139.0 billion


JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM)

$47.3 billion


US Bancorp (NYSE:USB)

$21.5 billion


Bank of America (NYSE:BAC)

$21.3 billion


Quicken Loans*

$21.0 billion


Sources: With the exception of Quicken, volume data comes from the respective companies third-quarter earnings releases. *Volume data for Quicken derived from multiplying its market share, reported in Mortgage Daily, by the estimated total amount of mortgage originations for the relevant time period.

Foolish bottom line
The reason this data matters is simple: If the housing market continues its upward ascent, these five lenders are likely to be the greatest beneficiaries. To see what else could drive earnings at top lender Wells Fargo, click here now for instant access to our premium research report on the company from one of The Motley Fool's top banking analysts

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