In the following video, Isaac Pino and Jeremy Bowman team up to review important issues investors need to watch regarding Internet radio company Pandora.

The first issue is growth. Pandora currently boasts a membership in the 60 million range, claims a 7% market share, and has yet to really break into the automotive or consumer electronics market. Currently, Pandora is almost doubling year over year; can it sustain such growth rates?

Second, there's revenue. Pandora uses an advertising business model rather than a subscription model as Sirius XM Radio does. For all its members, Pandora hasn't turned much profit. If Congress passes the Internet Radio Fairness Act, that could help improve profit margins.

Finally, Isaac and Jeremy consider international markets. Spotify came to the U.S. from Europe, but Pandora hasn't penetrated the European market. It does have a foothold in Australia and New Zealand, but potential markets in other overseas markets remain untouched.

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