U.S. defense contractor Exelis (UNKNOWN:XLS.DL) wants to help Italian soldiers see in the dark.

On Wednesday, Exelis announced that it has been contracted by local Italian defense contractor Selex ES to supply Selex with binocular "i-Aware" Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggles, which Italy will then incorporate into its "Future Soldier program."

A combination night-vision goggle and networked device, the i-Aware is said to "increase operational effectiveness in both nighttime and daytime missions" by connecting the wearer to a tactical network in both low-light and daylight scenarios. The goggles can even capture video and feed it to other wearers connected to the tactical network.

Exelis did not release financial data on the transaction. The company did say that it has been cooperating with Selex ES since October of last year on tailoring the i-Aware device to the needs of the Italian Future Soldier program.

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