Activist investor Carl Icahn placed a $350 million bet on Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) last fall, with intentions of changing the company. Selling Netflix to the highest bidder was one option in Icahn's mind, and perhaps his strongest idea.

But now, his investment has nearly quadrupled in value, adding a cool $1 billion to the original stake. And that's not enough: Icahn, who still hasn't sold a single Netflix share, no longer wants to change or sell the company, and is generally very happy, according to The Wall Street Journal . "When I saw House of Cards, and met with [CEO Reed Hastings], I was sold on what he was doing," Icahn told the Journal.

In this video, Fool contributor Anders Bylund puts Icahn's happiness into perspective. Icahn has bet on the wrong horse in the video sweepstakes before, but he's on the right track this time.