Heckmann (NYSE:NESC) isn't Heckmann anymore.

Late last week, the fracking fluids specialist announced that as a result of a positive vote of its shareholders at the recent annual meeting, henceforth, the company shall be known as Nuverra Environmental Solutions, So on the plus side, investors looking for news about Heckmann no longer have to remember "is it one 'n' or two in "Heckmann?" On the other hand, they'll now need to ask "is it one 'r' or two in Nuverra?"

The new name is said to be derived from "references to 'new,' 'green,' 'earth,' and 'time.'" The company continued: "Nuverra reflects the broader focus of the Company's united operating units and a fundamental dedication to supporting sustainable energy generation and American energy independence."

Richard J. Heckmann -- the man who's lent his name to the company since its founding in 2008 -- explained that "it was time to choose an identity for our nationwide presence." Company CEO Mark D. Johnsrud added, "The Nuverra brand represents a new era for our company as a cohesive environmental solutions provider."

Beginning at market-open tomorrow, May 20, the company will be trackable by its new ticker symbol, NES, on the NYSE.