A trip to your favorite theme park is getting more expensive.

Disney (NYSE:DIS) raised its one-day ticket prices over the weekend. The family entertainment giant boosted rates at both its California and Florida theme parks. The big story here is that -- for the first time -- Disney is raising prices higher at one of its Florida theme parks. Instead of uniform one-day pricing at all four of its parks, Disney's Magic Kingdom is going from $89 to $95. The three other Florida parks will be only going up to $90.

The move comes after recent moves to jack up single-day prices at neighboring attractions. SeaWorld (NYSE:SEAS) and Comcast's (NASDAQ: CMCSK) Universal Orlando also recently pushed prices of their Central Florida attractions higher.

There may be outrage given the dramatic one-day prices, but isn't it that way every year? In this video, longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz explains why it's not as big a deal as the media is making it out to be.