The Department of Defense issued 14 separate contract awards on Tuesday, totaling just more than $880 million in combined value. Of these, by far the biggest contract (by a factor of four) was a $455 million award to DRS Tactical Systems, the subsidiary of Italian defense contractor Finmeccanica (NASDAQOTH:FINMY).

The DOD awarded DRS the firm-fixed-price contract for the supply of "Mounted Family of Computer Systems" (M-FoCS) hardware for the Army Mounted Common Operating Environment. The Army's official website explains that the "Mounted" is one of six separate Common Operating Environments for which the Army is developing a tailored set of tablets, computers, monitors, cables, and other hardware.

M-FoCS hardware will be designed for installation and use "inside vehicles that have large amounts of processing power, but contain much less bandwidth than a tactical operations center."

In addition to Mounted, the other five "environments" for which the Army is developing tailored hardware systems are: Dismounted Handhelds, Sensors, Real-time Safety Critical, Tactical Operations Centers and Command Posts, and Data Center Cloud, where data will be distributed from a centralized hub.

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