North Korea's carefully staged press reports always have a heavy dose of the surreal. When the country unveiled a factory supposedly built to mass produce smartphones this week, its surreal theater entered the tech space. 

Never mind that its citizens still don't have access to the mobile Internet to use these phones. In the following slideshow, I'm running down three of the most bizarre tech stories from this week. Also included is Samsung releasing its newest smartphone which is also a ... flip phone. Finally, we have a mobile operating system trumpeted as a competitor to Apple's iOS and Android that's being sold on eBay instead of at stores for the major carriers. 

To see a full run-down of three surprising tech stories from last week, just click on the slideshow below. Also, if you're looking for more information on investing in Apple after its recent share price spike, check out our newest report named "Apple Will Destroy its Greatest Product." Can Apple really disrupt its own iPhones and iPads? Find out by clicking here, its free!