Fans may be overreacting to the news that Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) has hired actor Ben Affleck to play Batman in the next big DC movie, Fool contributor Tim Beyers argues in the following video.

Due in theaters in July 2015, there's plenty riding on director Zack Snyder's untitled Man of Steel sequel. Not only will it mark the first time Batman and Superman have appeared together on the big screen, but it's also an ambitious attempt at creating a wider DC movie universe akin to what Marvel and Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) already have in the Avengers franchise.

How ambitious? Warner has parted ways with Legendary Pictures, which means each new DC movie will be 100% funded in-house, making successes more rewarding and failures more painful.

Predicting how well Man of Steel 2 will do is impossible at this point. But just as fans were divided by Snyder's interpretation of the Superman mythos, many are taking to the Web to voice concern over Warner's choice to have Affleck play Batman.

They remember Daredevil, a 2003 stinker from 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOX) that displeased fans despite a decent run at the box office. (The rights to that character have since returned to Marvel and Disney.)

For its part, Warner's press release says Affleck has the acting chops to play a "seasoned crime fighter" who's older and more experienced than Superman. The message? Even if Snyder pursues a different take on the character, it won't be a pure reboot of the Batman franchise. That won't be enough for fans who distrust Affleck. But as both a fan and an investor, Tim says he's willing to suspend disbelief.

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