Following expansion into Canada in 2011, and plans for locations in Mexico and the Middle East later this year, Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ:BWLD) announced today it will open restaurants later this year in Makati City and the Manila area in the Philippines.

Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered with restaurant franchisee The Bistro Group on the Philippines efforts. Sally Smith, president and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, was quoted in the company press release as saying that "the Philippines have passionate sports fans, who we believe will love the great atmosphere at Buffalo Wild Wings, as well as enjoy a menu filled with our classic hot fresh wings, and local favorites."

Matt Brokl, Buffalo Wild Wings vice president of international development, added that the Philippines economy is "growing faster than China's and with an expanding middle class, there is a lot of enthusiasm for casual dining."

Buffalo Wild Wings owns or has franchised more than 600 restaurants in the U.S., and has 13 restaurants in Canada.


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