The Department of Defense announced 64 separate contract awards worth $3.51 billion Wednesday. Among these, one of the larger defense contracts handed out was the $102 million that Alliant Techsystems, also known as ATK (UNKNOWN:ATK.DL), won.

Worth $102.4 million (to be precise), this partial-foreign military sales contract funds the Full Rate Production of AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGRM) Lot II. 

AARGRMs being loaded on an F/A-18 Hornet for test-firing. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Additionally, ATK will be converting 112 AGM-88B High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARMs) to AGM-88E all-up-rounds and captive air training missiles (CATMs). 97 of these upgraded missiles are destined for the U.S. Navy, and 15 more for the Italian military. Related supplies and services are included in the contract.

Also in addition to the production lot, this contract provides for the conversion of eight AGM-88B HARM missiles to the AGM-88E AARGM CATM configuration for the Government of Australia. All of the deliveries described under this defense contract are due by December 2015. 


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