Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) CEO Paul Jacobs thinks the mobile revolution is just getting started. And he wants to be the guy leading us all into the new era.

According to Jacobs, four megatrends are amplifying one another as each moves further into the mainstream culture. Mobile computing is one of these four horsemen, and the one that Qualcomm is most closely associated with.

Giving a keynote speech at last week's TUCON 2013 conference, Jacobs swept through medical nanotechnology, wearable computing, and much more. He painted a picture of cyberspace merging with our physical environments, and explained how we're all better off thanks to these converging megatrends. Oh, and don't forget that Qualcomm is a major player in each one of these important fields.

Jacobs gave a nod to conference arranger TIBCO Software (UNKNOWN:TIBX.DL) in the Big Data discussion, but that's just one small piece of a much larger vision. General Electric (NYSE:GE) deserves just as must credit for its "Internet of everything" machine-to-machine communications research.

What sounds like science fiction today often becomes a normal, ubiquitous, and indispensable part of everyday life tomorrow. In the following video, Fool analyst Anders Bylund gives you the lowdown on Jacobs' vision of what's next.

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