Sony (NYSE:SNE) sure had a good weekend. The Japanese giant said it sold more than 1 million PlayStation 4 units on launch day, easily making it the most successful launch of a gaming console ever. Sony launched first in North America, with subsequent international rollouts to follow, making the headline figure even more impressive.

That's not to say the launch went off without a hitch, though. There have been widespread reports of a "Blue Light of Death" plaguing certain defective units. Affected units aren't functional, and user backlash is mounting. Still, this is very likely a small fraction of buyers, albeit a very vocal minority. Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox 360 was similarly plagued with a "Red Ring of Death" for years, and that didn't seem to stop Microsoft from dominating the console gaming market for years on end. Sony may not have to worry too much, either, although the company certainly needs to address the problem.

In this segment of Tech Teardown, Erin Kennedy discusses Sony's new console with Evan Niu, CFA, our tech and telecom bureau chief.