A recent poll on tech enthusiast website Slashdot shows what tech-savvy consumers really want out of their smartphones nowadays. The poll may not be very scientific, but the voice of 32,000 tech enthusiasts should still count for something.

Apple can stop making thinner iPhones and squeeze a bigger battery into that extra space instead. Microsoft might be able to snag some mobile market share by lowering prices on its Lumia phones. There will always be a niche market for high-end models where price is no object, but high performance and the correct handset size don't seem to matter outside that specialized market.

Huge volume will come from making these two changes above all else. The only handset designer that seems to get it right now is Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), as shown in the low-cost but very capable Moto G by Big G's Motorola division.

In the video below, Erin Miller asks Fool contributor Anders Bylund what this smartphone poll means and what it can teach investors in the mobile industry.

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