Last December Motley Fool analyst Sean O'Reilly attended the annual Investor Day for Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM), where the fast-food giant not only put forth a bold and confident vision for its future as far out as 2020, but also stated that 2014 would be a "bounce-back year" for the company -- particularly in the Chinese and Indian international divisions.

Foolish investors will remember the challenges the global fast-food company experienced in fiscal year 2013 that lead to a 29.88% EPS drop for the entire Yum! Brands organization when compared to 2012. These challenges were primarily the result of quality concerns regarding chicken served at the company's KFC China division. Since allaying consumer concerns surrounding the quality of chicken served at its KFC stores, the company has bounced back strong and is well on its way to meet projections, as evidenced by its April 22 first-quarter earnings release.

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