Deckers Outdoor Corp. (NYSE:DECK), the manufacturer and marketer of multiple popular footwear brands, has seen its shares more than double over the last year and a half as the company was able to get its business on track following a stumble in 2012. That year its earnings fell to a disappointing $3.62 per share, a whopping 28.6% drop from fiscal year 2011's earnings per share of $5.07. Fortunately for shareholders in 2013 Deckers Outdoor managed to get its act together and earnings per share for the full year bounced back to $4.16 sending shares as high as $90.09.

Despite the fact that Decker's shares have pulled back modestly from their recent highs it is clear the the business is back on the path to future growth and for this reason the company makes for an interesting investment candidate. However, It is not the only option available to investors in the sector as Deckers competes in the specialized footwear space with the likes of Wolverine World Wide (NYSE:WWW) which, despite being a top-performing organization in its own right, has seen its shares take a step back from recent highs as well. Motley Fool Consumer Goods Analyst Sean O'Reilly compares the two companies, their valuations, and assesses the likelihood that Deckers Outdoor Corp. is an attractive investment for investors at its current valuation. 

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