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There are 10 colleges with an average starting salary above $63,000 for recent graduates. And the colleges may not be the ones you think they are. 

With all the discussion on student loans, from President Obama's aim to make student debt less of a burden to others who are recognizing the cost of college is rising incredibly fast, some have wondered whether a degree is even worth it.

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While there is no doubt a college degree is incredibly valuable, there can be a massive difference between the cost of the degree and the return on the investment. However, there is a wide gap between some majors, as well as schools, compared with others when it comes to the ability to make the cost worth it. 

NerdWallet recently revealed its list of the "Schools With the Highest Reported Salaries Upon Graduation." Unsurprisingly, schools such as Stanford and MIT were at the top of the list. But The Motley Fool decided to examine the news from a different approach. We found the 10 schools that had the biggest gap between the NerdWallet ranking for starting salaries and the popular U.S. News & World Report national university ranking. And the results will stun you.

For example, the top school was ranked 91st, according to U.S. News, but its students on average had a starting salary of more than $65,000 -- which placed it 15th in the nation. And there are nine other schools with enormous gaps.

Check out the following slideshow to see which colleges and universities offer the nation's most underrated degrees.