Photo credit: SandRidge Energy

Investors love popular stocks. That's why investors flock to popular names like Kodiak Oil & Gas (UNKNOWN:KOG.DL) and SandRidge Energy (UNKNOWN:SD.DL). There's a comfort level in knowing that a stock we own, is beloved by other like-minded investors. Further, because the stock is beloved by investors the financial media is incentivized to provide content around those stocks, which only makes them more popular.

This is why most investors have heard about and many have invested in Bakken Shale pure-play Kodiak Oil & Gas. However, for whatever reason a fellow Bakken Shale pure-play, Oasis Petroleum (NYSE:OAS) has remained under the radar. This is despite the fact that it has a larger position in the play giving it more growth opportunities than its popular peer Kodiak Oil & Gas.

Likewise, investors and the financial media love to talk about the potential of a company like SandRidge Energy. There's good reason for that as the company is a great buy today. However, there are energy companies operating in places like the Permian Basin that are bursting at the seams with production growth potential. Even better, these companies sport better balance sheets as none went on a buying binge to lock up acreage. Instead, these under the radar names were in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the shale boom.

I've uncovered five under the radar energy stocks just like Oasis Petroleum that I think most investors have missed. I created the slideshow below to show why I like these companies, in some cases, even better than more popular energy stocks like Kodiak Oil & Gas or SandRidge Energy.