On Monday's MarketFoolery, host Chris Hill, Motley Fool One analyst Jason Moser, and Stock Advisor Canada analyst Taylor Muckerman discuss two companies to watch in the coming weeks.

Earnings season will kick off tomorrow with Alcoa, and Chris asks Jason and Taylor what companies' earnings they're waiting for. Chris says the first six months of 2014 defied expectations and have set up pretty high expectations for earnings season. Because Taylor has an energy background, he looks at oil and gasoline markets. He foreshadows a possible price increase in gas prices and the movement from international to domestic growth. Could ponies have a future market?

The social-media market fascinates Jason, and he's interested to see the earnings from Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), especially with the World Cup wrapping up. Jason thinks Twitter, especially with its real-time component, could give investors a lot of phenomenal numbers. He sees this market relevant for the next decade. While families wait for public transportation -- because of gas prices -- maybe they'll be on Twitter?