This is going to be funny!

Well – that's a hell of a way to start out.  I remember my 7th grade Language Arts teacher telling me –don't tell them what you are going to say; just say it...

Haha – I'm feeling feisty; feeling like breaking some rules.  Besides, my 7th grade teacher had no way of knowing that I'd be writing on a real estate blog, of all things, and that my audience will be comprised entirely of real estate investors – not the sharpest knives in the drawer, if you know what I mean, and that's putting it mildly...(if you were, you'd be buying mutual funds and forget all about RE!)

So, just to make sure that you catch on, I'm telling you – this thing is funny J

Our House
Patrisha and I built our home about 8 years ago.  Her recollection of the events is a little "different", but I think mine is funnier, and since I am the one writing...

When building our house, I remember going to Sherwin Williams with my wife to pick out colors (like 100 times).  We finally picked out a color for our bedroom walls which had a very slight tint of beige/pink in it.  Patrisha liked it and I just wanted to be done – you know what I'm sayin'?

The construction was completed – we moved in. It was a hectic day, as you can imagine.  But, eventually we made our way into the bedroom, and to tell you the truth, the color on the walls looked just fine; not that I focused too much of my attention on the walls...first night in the new home...happy kids!

Yes – I indeed had fun moving into a freshly minted house with a happy wife.  But, then we went to sleep, and then, in the morning, we were fortunate enough to wake up.  But, that's when it hit the fan – I looked around and had a near aneurism cause there was freaking pink EVERYWHERE...!

We installed gorgeous six-panel poplar doors stained rich, dark-cherry brown throughout the house, and baseboard trim to match.  We thought it'd be gorgeous and would help the walls "pop".  And it certainly did; but, it made our bedroom look even more freaking pink. I mean, I opened my eyes and the whole room was pink as pink can be...

Interestingly, though (and this is where the perspective piece begins), things got better by noon-time, and by 6 PM I liked the color on the walls again...

This is when I realized for the first time that color on the walls changes drastically based on the lighting, which is a function of time of day.  I mean, I had always known this, but I had no idea!!!

It's one thing to know something, but it is something entirely different to have PERSPECTIVE!

Let's talk Real Estate...

Thread That Started It
I came across a very compelling and important post like week.  In fact, it was so important that I couldn't restrain myself – I commented, and in doing so I presented myself as argumentative...

Now- those who know me best know that there's not an argumentative bone in my body.  I mean, the only person I ever argue with is my dear friend Brandon Turner, and that's only because he has the uncanny ability to always be wrong – it's truly amazing, really.  But, that's it; I never argue with anyone else!

Indeed, I couldn't believe it, but I actually found it appropriate to come down on a guy for being – successful!  It was for his own good, and many of the more seasoned folks in the thread seemingly agreed.  In fact, this subject matter is so important that I asked Philip Williams and received permission to link to his thread in this post, and here it is.

If you read his thread, you'll realize that this is a very positive post from Phil in which he announces that he was able to acquire 20 units in 7 buildings within 18 months, and credits BP with facilitating his tremendous growth.  He tells us that it was indeed the knowledge and the support that he gained from this community that made it possible for him to get these deals done.

I congratulated Phil in the thread, and I do so again here – congratulations Phil!  However, I also advised him to stop there for a while, and I stand by my advice!

I think I might have hurt his feelings a bit – he'll be OK!  Phil needs to learn that he is living in the early morning hours of his intellectual worth as it relates to his career in real estate investing, and that just like the paint on my bedroom walls, stuff that he thinks he knows will look very different at noon-time; let along in the evening hours.  Phil's current perspective is limited by his ability to anticipate shades...

Now – Phil is talented, which is my bet is that he will figure this out.  But, in order to figure it out he needs to slow down for long enough to allow reality to settle in.

Reality of Real Estate Investing
In Real Estate, there is a very large difference between successfully getting into the game, and successfully remaining in the game long enough to win.  One out of 1,000 manage to get – one out of 10,000 manage to win!

Just like you did, other folks come to BiggerPockets to learn how to get into the game, and we deliver the appropriate hoop-la and hurray – we are good at that.  Unfortunately, we, the elders, could and should do much more to help folks realize that getting in is the easiest thing they'll ever do in this sport.  Staying in this is much more difficult indeed...

The Key
Phil – they key to this puzzle is the front door.  You can not win if what you've bought is the wrong thing – period.  If you buy the wrong thing, or you buy it the wrong way, there is nothing that'll save amount of management, financing, or anything!

And – pay attention now – IT IS NOT ABOUT CASH FLOW!

All cash flow is not created equal, and knowing what to buy and how is a function of PERSPECTIVE – seeing that which can not be seen easily or at all; feeling innately that which few people do.

Seasoning is the driver of perspective.  Perspective is the facilitator of success.

Slow down Philip and you'll grow!  If not, you'll end up like my friend Brandon Turner, who calls every so often to cry on my very large shoulder...

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