McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) stock has fallen, and it can't seem to get up. Shares of the world's largest burger chain hit another 52-week low this month. 

It's easy to see why McDonald's finds itself in its predicament. The fast-food king has faced operational setbacks this summer in China and Russia, and things aren't faring a whole lot better closer to home, where monthly comps have clocked in negative in nine of the past 10 months.

The popular argument is that McDonald's just needs to get back to basics by hacking away at a perpetually growing menu that is confusing customers, slowing down service, and eating away at its once-popular value proposition. However, that might not be as easy as it sounds, Fool contributor and newsletter analyst Rick Munarriz explains in this video conversation with Consumer Goods Analyst Nathan Hamilton. 

As McDonald's attempts to bounce back, investors are being rewarded with a dividend that is beefier than some of its signature sandwiches, but that might not be enough to woo new investors to the once all-weather stock.

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