Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ:SWKS) may not be staffed to the rafters with poets, exactly. But you can't deny that there's a certain cadence to the company's recent quarterly report titles.

See if you can suss out the pattern I'm talking about. These are the press release headlines from the four latest earnings releases from Skyworks, in chronological order:

Like I said, not exactly musical prose unless you're into grim German marches (or strong earnings reports, of course). But the semiconductor company sure gets the job done with nearly robotic certainty.

In the fourth quarter, Skyworks saw sales rising 23% year over year, to $881 million, well ahead of the $875 million guidance given three months ago. Adjusted gross margins landed at 50%, exactly where management expected them, and up from 45.9% a year ago.

On the bottom line, Skyworks guided to adjusted earnings of roughly $1.51 per diluted share. Here, the actual result come in just a smidge higher, at $1.52 per share.

The company's connectivity and power controllers keep finding their way into both upscale and mass-market devices on a global level. Three months ago, Skyworks CEO Dave Aldrich said that we're still "in the early innings" of a huge network upgrade cycle. Rapid 4G network builds, and handset adoption in growth markets like China, India, and Latin America, should keep the growth fires burning for several years to come.

In the most recent press release, Aldrich underscored Skyworks' position in the Internet of Things market, and how that drives growth right now.

"Skyworks is playing a pivotal role in enabling major technology advancements within mobile connectivity, streaming media services, and the Internet of Things," Aldrich said in a press statement. "We are successfully executing on our strategy of leveraging world-class systems design capabilities and integration leadership to deliver the industry's most advanced analog connectivity systems. Entering fiscal 2016, we are well positioned to continue delivering growth and profitability in excess of the broader semiconductor market."

Skyworks pairs this pink feline with power-controller products under the "Power and Precision" tag line. Photo: Skyworks Solutions.

In the conference call, management delivered a brief update on the planned acquisition of sector peer PMC-Sierra (NASDAQ: PMCS), saying it is expected to close in the first half of 2016. The networking chip specialist accepted Skyworks' original offer of $10.50 per share, which worked out to a roughly $2.0 billion takeover deal. But Microsemi (NASDAQ:MSCC) muddied the waters with an unsolicited $11.50 bid per PMC share, worth $2.2 billion in total.

Skyworks quickly raised its offer to $11.60 per share, and raised the termination fee by 26%, and PMC-Sierra's board of directors embraced this new deal structure.

Said Aldrich in the conference call in response to a question about the PMC deal: "...if you look at Skyworks, the sweet spot of what we're very good at, we've been leveraging high-speed data and the consumption and mobility. So it's a natural extension to mobility and connectivity for us to extend into access to the cloud. We think it's just another high-end growth driver that will be both accretive to margin, but also sustainable for the -- for a generation."

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