It was a wild 2015, to say the least, for American retailers. On top of that, Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN), long insulated from the economic malaise of middle America, saw its sales growth slow to a trickle and its earnings drop for the first time in over five years.

Because of this, shares fell from an all time high of $83 just two months ago to a recent low of $49.34 -- a level not seen since 2012. All of this raises the natural question: Is the sky truly falling for Nordstrom?

There are, undeniably, some negatives that the 105 year old Seattle-based retailer is grappling with, but the company is adapting to the modern retail landscape better than most. In fact, Nordstrom is making numerous moves that give its shareholders reasons for optimism. So put on your jester caps: Here are the top five reasons Nordstrom shareholders should ignore the Wall Street negativity and look toward the future.

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