When Tom Gardner's team first suggested we recommend this fledging company to Stock Advisor members back in the fall of 2012, the first words out of his mouth were, “Are you kidding me?”

After all, the sector this ultra-ambitious company was trying to break into is among the stodgiest, most low-margin, cigar-butt industries out there.

What’s more, what it was seeking to accomplish would require an absolutely massive amount of upfront spending (which is no doubt why it was consistently among the most heavily shorted stocks on the Nasdaq).

But he knew that fellow Motley Fool co-founder, David Gardner had recommended it to his growth-focused Rule Breakers members the year prior and was blown away by the revolutionary products the company was turning out…

And Tom also knew that although the company was just getting started and what they sold was far from cheap, several members of his team were already fanatical customers. So Stock Advisor Team Tom went ahead and recommended that members start a small position at around $31 a share.

Less than a year later, shares were flirting with the $200 mark, and Tom was busy learning absolutely everything he could about this world-changing company and its visionary founder and CEO (who he was starting to think could easily turn into the next Steve Jobs!).

And the more Tom learned, the more convinced he became that not only was this company going to make its mark on the 127-year-old industry it operated in, but that one day it was actually going to completely redefine it…

Not to mention, launch and come to completely dominate entirely new industries that up to this point were seen as nothing more than pie-in-the-sky ideas by most short-term-thinking investors.

So, the moment shares started showing signs of coming back down to Earth, Tom pounced on the opportunity -- and bought shares for the Everlasting Portfolio when they were selling at about $145 apiece.

It was still one of the most controversial stocks out there, but among Tom's very favorite businesses to buy are purpose-driven companies that are led by visionary founders.

And despite the fact that this company has climbed well over 600% since Tom first recommended it (and another 70% since he first personally bought shares), Tom is still completely convinced that the biggest gains are still to come.

So much so that he's seriously considering putting even more of his own money behind it when he announces his next round of quarterly Everlasting Portfolio purchases on Oct. 1.

And thanks to the recent market sell-off, shares are trading well below where they were just a few months ago -- making this opportunity even more enticing!

In fact, if this company can capture even 1% of the market it’s going after, we could see its sales soar another 600% -- and you can imagine what that would likely do to the share price.

But rather than have to just take our word for it here, you can now download a special in-depth research report on this company that our team just released… for the low price of $99.

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Returns as of Aug. 31, 2015.