The key to being a great investor is to find winning stocks before the rest of the market discovers them. Since 2002, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor service has searched for the best stock prospects in the market, and the performance of the picks that Motley Fool co-founders Tom and David Gardner have found has led to market-crushing performance that has tripled the returns of the S&P 500. Below, we'll show you how you can get access to the winning picks that this award-winning service has made -- while paying far less than you'd ever think possible.

What makes Stock Advisor picks so enriching

Motley Fool Stock Advisor focuses on finding stocks that have the best chance of outperforming the broader stock market over the next three to five years. Each month, Stock Advisor investors receive one pick from Tom Gardner and another pick from David Gardner. In choosing those picks, Stock Advisor focuses on seven key principles that have brought the service past success:

  • Buy businesses, not tickers. Look for companies with strong managers with a vision for their future.
  • Be a lifetime investor. Invest for the long term and follow companies' prospects over time.
  • Diversify by holding a portfolio of many stocks from different industries.
  • Fish where others aren't. Thinking for yourself is better than following the crowd.
  • Check emotions at the door. Being able to act against your instincts is a valuable trait that most investors lack.
  • Keep score. Being accountable to members means tracking picks, celebrating victories and learning from setbacks.
  • Be Foolish and have fun. Too many people think investing has to be serious, but embracing your stock-picking can be both enriching and enlightening.

In addition, the picks that David and Tom make reflect their own particular approach to investing. The rules that David follows in making picks include choosing companies with a "secret sauce" that gives them a competitive edge and businesses that will benefit from long-term trends, getting in early without overly focusing on buying in at the lowest possible stock price. For Tom, great companies in beaten-down industries are a primary target, and solid financials, a proven business model, and shareholder-friendly management with skin in the game are keys to success.

Investors also have ongoing access to the monthly Best Buys Now list of the most timely investing opportunities, which gives Stock Advisor members a way to prioritize how to put new money to work. In addition, members can see the service's exclusive list of Starter Stocks, which are selections that the Stock Advisor team believes are an essential part of any portfolio and make a great starting point for those who are just getting started with investing.

The true value of Stock Advisor picks

A look at the top picks from Motley Fool Stock Advisor really brings home the value that the service provides. One of David's best recommendations was Priceline Group (NASDAQ:BKNG),the online travel company that has become the leader in the fast-growing global industry. With its online platform for selling discount hotel rooms, car rentals, and airline tickets all over the world, Priceline has produced total returns of more than 6,000% since David initially recommended the stock in 2004. What helped give Stock Advisor members those top returns was David's insight that the internet would transform the travel industry, and Priceline's unique combination of technology, strategic partnerships, and kitschy advertising has propelled it to the top of its industry.

From Tom's side of the service, UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH) has been one of the service's longest-held picks, and since 2002, the health-insurance giant has generated returns of more than 950%. Tom's position in UnitedHealth stemmed from his initial pick of Mid Atlantic Medical Services, a regional holding company for health management organizations and preferred provider organizations in the Mid-Atlantic states. Less than a year later, UnitedHealth made a bid to buy Mid Atlantic, delivering a quick return for Stock Advisor members. Yet Tom saw the potential in holding onto UnitedHealth shares after the buyout, and that has helped turn what would have been a modest gain into a big win for members.

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