Motley Fool Stock Advisor is The Motley Fool's flagship newsletter service. It is run by advisor David Gardner, who has a team of analysts working to support a fantastic investing style that has beaten the market over the past 10+ years.

Stock Advisor subscriptions are on sale now, but before you buy Stock Advisor (or anything anywhere, for that matter), it's good to know exactly what you're getting. Here is what comes with every Stock Advisor subscription.

Picture of David Gardner.

David Gardner, Stock Advisor co-founder. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Ten starter stocks

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor team strongly believes in each and every investor having a diversified portfolio. That's why the first recommendation for all new Stock Advisor members is to think carefully about purchasing some or all of Stock Advisor's "starter stocks" -- a basket of ten stocks that epitomize the Stock Advisor investing style and can help balance a new investor's portfolio. These starter stocks represent the Stock Advisor team's commitment to serving investors at all stages of their journey -- whether grizzled veteran or just beginning.

Monthly stock picks

"Competitive" is a core value at The Motley Fool, and the Stock Advisor team works to live it. That's why Stock Advisor's analysts are split into two teams who work to each identify one stock worthy of members' hard-earned cash each month. The teams have a cheerful competition to provide the best new stocks, and they rigorously track the performance of each and every pick. Each pick is accompanied by a thorough write-up detailing the investing thesis behind the Stock Advisor team's choice, as well as potential risks the company faces. Usually these are new stocks, but from time to time a past pick will get a coveted "re-rec" noting that the company is so strong that it's worth recommending again.

The teams also each pick five "best buys now" each month (combining to ten monthly best buys now) from the universe of Stock Advisor recommendations -- stocks whose underlying businesses look to the analysts to be much stronger than their price warrants. Best buys now might be companies who have suffered a minor setback but which are getting pummeled in the market – or perhaps companies who've just reported great news that better clarifies how undervalued they are for their massive growth opportunities. Each best buy now is also accompanied by a short write-up detailing why it is a particularly timely choice for investors looking to invest some money today.

Updates on the Stock Advisor coverage universe

For many stock newsletters, it would be enough (more than enough!) to pick the new stocks, do the write-up, track performance, and be done with it.

That's not how we do things at The Motley Fool. We're about educating investors -- and that means providing quarterly updates on recommended stocks. And we're not talking about a two-sentence "update" here, either. We produce articles detailing what happened each quarter for the stocks that Stock Advisor has recommended -- what went well, where each business is struggling, what management had to say, and anything else we believe to be relevant to a company shareholder.

And while the quarterly report and conference call contain a wealth of information, not all news happens on a nice once-every-three-months cadence. CEOs suddenly resign. Products catch fire (literally or figuratively). Lawsuits are announced. If the news is material enough to move the stock price 10% in a single day, we cover it immediately.

Research reports on major investing trends

The Stock Advisor team is always looking for the "next big thing", whether it's in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, driverless cars, or any of a number of other major investable opportunities. From time to time, we produce a special report detailing the opportunities and the best stocks to invest in that trend -- all free of charge to subscribers, of course.

The team is dedicated to growing the love of investing and helping all investors better profit from the market -- so Stock Advisor also comes equipped with a scorecard that you can use to track your own investments. And the message boards provide a community where thousands of Stock Advisor members can talk about their investing process, what they're buying and selling, and anything else that comes to mind.

With all of these benefits, it's no wonder that hundreds of thousands of people have taken the jump to invest better with a Stock Advisor subscription. With our subscriptions on sale at a substantial discount from our list price, are you ready to join them?