Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner has been investing in the stock market for a very long time, and his results speak for themselves: He and his team in Motley Fool Stock Advisor have outperforming the S&P 500 nearly two-to-one (up 103.3% vs the S&P 500's 63.9% return, as of August 18th, 2017).

You don't get returns like that without a consistent, effective process for picking the best stocks. And fortunately, you can get access to that process – and a consistent stream of Tom Gardner stock picks – today.

But first, let's talk about how Tom finds great companies.

Tom and David Gardner smiling at the camera.

Tom Gardner with his brother David. Image source: The Motley Fool.

How Tom Gardner finds great stocks

It all starts with a particular investing mindset.

When he looks at a stock, Tom doesn't see a ticker and a chart – he focuses on the underlying business. He's seeking companies with transformative potential – the sorts of companies that can outperform and drive outperformance over the long term.

Which brings me to a second tenet of Tom's investing philosophy: Long-term mindset. Predicting the markets over a short period of time (a week, a month, a year) is very difficult – there's volatility from all kinds of unexpected events. But over the long term, that volatility tends to smooth out as the markets gradually gain in value over time. The same is true of good individual businesses too – their stock prices may fluctuate based on short-term events like quarterly earnings and management commentary, but over the long term Tom believes the market will recognize their underlying potential, rewarding long-term investors handsomely for their patience and foresight.

Beyond that, it's all about evaluating the individual stock itself: How safe the underlying business is, what strategies management is using to unlock value, and – most difficult to measure – who runs the company. If management is bad at capital allocation – or worse, actively dishonest – the company will far underperform its potential.

Fortunately, you can get access to his process.

The cheapest way to access Tom Gardner's investing wisdom

You're on a budget – aren't we all? – so I'll share with you the cheapest product where Tom provides stock picks to investors: It's Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Every month, Tom and his brother David (backed by a team of analysts) each pick a stock and present them to investors. And each month, Tom and David also pick ten stocks (five each) that they consider "best buys now" – or stocks with timely opportunities that should make them particularly attractive to investors looking to deploy cash right now.

That's the easiest way to get Tom Gardner's stock picks.

But wait; there's more. A subscription to Stock Advisor also comes loaded with a number of other goodies, including:

  • Access to a list of "Starter Stocks" – foundational companies that Tom and his brother David believe are appropriate anchors for any new investing portfolio;
  • A number of special reports covering major trends and investing opportunities – including explosive growth opportunities like the rise of AI and driverless cars.
  • A fantastic community of investors – thousands of engaged subscribers who take to the message boards to talk stocks, personal finance, and whatever else is on their minds.

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