Motley Fool Inside Value is the Motley Fool's value-focused stock newsletter run by Rich Greifner. If you've heard about this enormously successful investing newsletter, it makes sense to figure out whether it's worth what we charge for it. Here are our thoughts on that important question.

What should you pay for investing advice?

At The Motley Fool, we generally advise people to pay no more than 1% of their assets annually for investing advice. So, for a $10,000 portfolio, that'd translate to $100 per year. Of course, if you're just starting out and are using investing advice as an education to grow your own ability to invest, that may be a different ballgame. We can't give you an answer that accurately applies to your personal circumstances, but that's our general viewpoint.

Of course, part of that decision-making process is figuring out what value you assign to the investing advice you're getting. So let's walk through the various benefits of Inside Value.

Rich Greifner smiling at the camera in front of some shelves.

Rich Greifner, Inside Value advisor. Image source: The Motley Fool.

An Inside Value subscription gets you detailed, thoughtful stock picks...

Inside Value is a stock ideas newsletter – so the team provides at least one new stock idea every month. Additionally, the team creates a list of "best buys now" – stocks that are particularly attractive purchases for investors looking to deploy money quickly – each month. For investors who are just getting started, the team also produces an annual list of "core" stocks, which are designed to help anchor a value-focused stock portfolio in the Inside Value mindset.

But inside Value is about a lot more than 'just' stock ideas. True to its value focus, the Inside Value team also provides an intrinsic value estimate for every stock it recommends. What's more, the team also recommends a "buy around" price (usually significantly less than the intrinsic value of the stock) so members have a big margin of safety and can invest with more confidence.

Every stock pick also comes with an extensive write-up by the analyst team detailing the company's strengths and potential threats. Their goal is to make sure that investors have all the information at their fingertips before making a stock market purchase.

But the team's commitment to full information doesn't end at making the recommendation. They also provide updates every time a rec reports major news – whether something which moves the stock significantly on a particular day or earnings – and let investors know whether the news changes the investing thesis such that members should no longer consider buying the stock.

...and so much more

One of Inside Value's biggest assets is its community, composed of thousands of investors who love talking about personal finance, investing philosophy, and individual stock picks. They provide a great guide for new members looking to maximize the value (pardon the pun) they derive from Inside Value.

With all that in mind, the key question you have to ask yourself is: What are you willing to pay for access to everything we've described above?

Keep that number in mind. Then hop on over to see our Inside Value sale – because we're offering Inside Value at a significant discount to its list price right now, but we can't guarantee this will go on forever. Don't miss out! Join Inside Value today.

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