In our 25 years as a business, we here at The Motley Fool have realized that many investors are looking for ways to boost their returns and reduce their volatility. Often that's because many investors are retirees looking to stretch their nest egg as far as they can. Or, let's face it, some investors just don't feel like stomaching the rollercoaster ups and downs of the stock market, but they feel like they have to to get the returns they need.

Jeff Fischer sitting in front of a filled bookcase.

Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer. Image source: The Motley Fool.

We designed Motley Fool Pro to help just that type of investor. Although you likely mostly hear about options as tools for day-traders and those looking to multiply their returns on margin, Pro advisor Jeff Fischer and his team use them as hedges and for income generation – specifically to help reduce volatility and risk. In fact, Pro has a goal – its North Star – different from most stock newsletters. Its aim is not to beat the market – rather, Jeff and his team aim to achieve 7% returns every year after accounting for inflation. That's not 7% average annual returns – that's 7% returns each year.

If that sounds good to you, we have a discount running on Motley Fool Pro right now. If you want to take advantage of that right now, just click here. Or, read on to learn more about why we think Pro is such an awesome service for investors looking to reduce volatility while boosting their returns.

A Pro subscription includes...

Lots of things. For one, there's access to Jeff Fischer and his team and all the brilliant ideas they provide as they manage the Pro portfolio. By the way, that portfolio is funded by real cash that The Motley Fool has provided Jeff and his team to invest on the company's behalf. It's a big vote of confidence from our founders, and it also means that the Pro portfolio operates under the same constraints as everyday investors like you and me. (Unlike many of the stock ideas services out there, every dollar Jeff and team invest in one idea means a dollar they can't invest elsewhere – so they have to ruthlessly prioritize.)

Every trade alert comes with an extensive research write-up designed to walk you through Jeff and his team's full thesis behind making that investment. They also include a recommended portfolio allocation and a step-by-step guide to help both new and experienced members follow along and execute the correct trade. (Not so much an issue with buying a stock or ETF, but advanced options strategies can get confusing pretty quickly without precise instructions.)

Jeff and his team also regularly update their commentary around each investment idea so you can see how they think about each part of the portfolio on a regular basis. They also share news updates whenever anything major happens to stocks in the Pro portfolio – think quarterly earnings, news material enough to move the stock at least 10% in a single day, things like that.

Since Pro involves some advanced options strategies, Jeff and his team work to ensure that plenty of educational resources are available to every member. These resources, including a subscription to Jeff's other newsletter, Motley Fool Options (a $999 annual value) are included in your Pro subscription. Another component of that education is the community element: Pro has a vibrant investor community centered around its message boards. Available to all members, the Pro message boards are filled with experienced investors happy to share ideas and guide people through all things Pro. We believe that the community is the most undervalued (and potentially most valuable) part of Pro.

Did we mention the Pro discount?

We're passionate about Pro. We think it's a fantastic newsletter that can help plenty of investors sleep better at night, knowing their portfolios can have extra protection from the market's ups and downs – and all while aiming to churn out impressive profitability. We've decided to offer it at a discount to its list price so more people can have access to all of the awesome guidance and benefits of the newsletter. Click here to learn more.