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It's a war with a lot more than two sides. And we think the winner will take most investors by surprise.


Dear Fellow Investor,

What if you could get PAID for the years you've spent resentfully cutting fat checks to your cable company?

Well... if you answer the question I'm about to ask correctly, it could land a frustrated cable customer like you a piece of what is estimated to be a whopping $2.2 trillion jackpot -- AND eliminate your high-priced cable bill.

Are you ready?

Here it is...

As a new era of entertainment emerges, which cable TV killer could turn into the most valuable investment for your portfolio? Is it (a) Netflix (b) (c) Time Warner/HBO or (d) Outerwall Redbox?

I'll share the answer in about three minutes.

But first... let's take a look at exactly what's at stake.

My wife and I recently went to visit our oldest daughter at college. You know how it goes. She's only in college but swears she has everything figured out.

We spent the day talking about her classes, her roommates, the food in the cafeteria. And then my daughter said something that absolutely floored me.

Thankfully, it wasn't about the boys down the hall.

It was actually an investing tip. Maybe the best anyone's ever shared. I'll reveal what it was in just a minute. And what it means for the winner-take-all holy war that companies like Google, Apple,, and Netflix are engaged in.

I'll also tell you about the three surprisingly overlooked stocks I discovered when I mentioned my daughter's comment to two of the world's top investors.

They showed me why these companies have been on an undeniable upward trajectory (they're all up huge since the beginning of 2012, which I'll show you in just a minute.) And they made a simple comparison that changed the way I look at the future of the cable industry.

But first... let me ask you another question.

What's the secret to making a fortune?

Is it (a) Education, (b) Hard work? (c) Connections? or (d) Just good luck?

According to a growing body of research, all of those things help...

But there's another factor that matters a whole lot more.

Making a fortune requires imagination. 

Now, when I say imagination, I don't mean wishful thinking.

What I mean is imagining a completely different world -- a world almost like the one we live in now... but a just little bit better.

Maybe even a lot better.

It's what legends like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs used to make their billions.

And what investors like Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett have used to make their billions.

And it's the secret behind the simple investment strategy I want to share with you today.

Of course, there's one more side to this story...

(You can probably guess what it is...)

It's that we think losing a fortune requires a lack of imagination.

Just ask any newspaper publisher. (Or anyone who invested in the industry in the past decade.)

We still read newspapers, of course. In fact, we read them more than we ever did.

But... we don't read them in quite the same way.

Which is why newspaper publishers and investors have watched as decades worth of easy money swirled right down the drain.

In fact... without an emergency loan from a Mexican billionaire... even the granddaddy of them all -- the New York Times -- would have gone bankrupt.

Were there warnings of the collapse?

Of course!

Back in 1993, a man named Gordy Thompson worked for the Times.

His job title was "internet services manager" -- a position that no one really valued. Or understood.

Which is why they ignored him when he said:

"When a 14 year-old kid can blow up your business in his spare time, not because he hates you but because he loves you, then you got a problem."

Industry sidebar

You see... Gordy hung out on Internet message boards.

And he noticed that fans of the Miami Herald's popular humor columnist, Dave Berry, were reposting his columns online so non-subscribers could enjoy them.

In other words... the greatest competitive threat from newspapers was the popularity of its own content.

People wanted more of it and they wanted it instantly.

Did you catch that last sentence?

People wanted MORE content... but they wanted that content instantly.

Which is the same reason companies in the instant video business have been so profitable. AND why cable companies are shaking in their boots.

So... let's go back to that question I posed a minute ago...

Which of these companies will be the ultimate cable killer?

Surprisingly, we don't think it's any of them!

Of course, you probably won't go wrong by investing in them.

But we think the real riches could be claimed by three companies quietly flying under the radar... companies who already have a strong foothold in the industry.

And -- as we speak - we think they're perfectly positioned for an estimated $2.2 trillion takeover of the instant content-on-demand business.

Sound familiar?

It's the same thing that happened to the book industry when and e-books emerged...

The same thing that happened to the financial industry when we began trading our own stocks online instead of through stockbrokers...

And to the record companies that once ruled the music industry with an iron fist.
The list goes on and on...

Did people stop traveling? No. But they stopped paying travel agents.

Did people stop talking on the phone? No. In fact, they began carrying their phones everywhere they went.

Did people stop buying stuff? No, but enough of them stopped buying it at big-box department stores that the industry is now experiencing a significant downturn.

And you better believe there was a Gordy Thompson every time sounding the alarm.

Telling their corporate bosses and Wall Street know-it-alls to use a little imagination.
Reminding them that...

People want what they want, when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. And if we don't figure out a way to give it to them, they'll get it elsewhere.

But those guys never listen!

Even though the Internet has drastically transformed our daily lives.

Even after we've seen it make forward-thinking early investors mega rich.

And even after we've watched it bring once-mighty industries to their knees.

So... the way I see it is that today's an interesting day for you.

Because you get something quite rare: a second chance. Actually... as I'll show you, it could be your EIGHTH and quite possibly last chance to capture this kind of growth opportunity at an early stage.

And taking advantage of this opportunity couldn't be any easier.

You don't need to know any Manhattan trader jargon. And you don't have to predict when some "gee-whiz" laboratory prototype will be ready for primetime. You just need to connect the dots... and use a little imagination.
Because the truth is that what I'm about to say should be completely obvious.

So obvious even my teenage daughter saw it.

And that's because this change is already happening right in front of our eyes.

See, the real revolutions are the ones that happen so quietly -- and so completely -- that most of us never even notice them until they're already over.

And then, you have trouble remembering that they happened at all. Because the new way of doing things just seems more natural.

Meanwhile... someone who was paying attention could be sitting on a sunny beach, counting all their money...

Which is why I want you to pay close attention as I share with you our thoughts on ways to invest in the next great transformation of the Internet age. (And why I predict it will be the biggest one of all.)
Up 4,908%

Up 6,333%

Tom and David

Tom and David Gardner led readers of Motley Fool
Stock Advisor
to returns that have nearly tripled
the S&P 500 for over a decade. 

But because I'm asking you to trust me, allow me a proper introduction...

My name is Tom Conner, and I work for a company called The Motley Fool. It's a small company with a hugely ambitious goal: to help every day investors like you and me build our wealth by investing in great companies over the long term.

It sounds like common sense, right?

But when David and Tom Gardner founded The Motley Fool in '93... it was a message the Wall Street establishment didn't want to hear.

And in the years that followed, David and Tom pointed readers to great companies, especially ones that used the power of imagination and the power of the Internet to overtake the seven dinosaur industries we just discussed.

Like, which changed the way we read and shop.

Or, which changed the way we book vacations.

(Meanwhile, Wall Street insiders stuck to the same dirty game.)

And lost TRILLIONS of our savings on derivative slots and flash crashes, almost causing a second Great Depression...

And scaring ordinary investors away from the stock market by making them lose faith in the proven power of capitalism to create life-changing wealth.

Maybe that's why former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Arthur Levitt said, "The Motley Fool is as close to being an effective investor advocate as any organization in America."

Why Time magazine said, "Even billionaires get ideas from The Motley Fool."

And why one of The Motley Fool's competitors admits that the Gardner brothers are among the most widely followed stock market advisors in the world.

But like I said, it wasn't Tom or David Gardner who clued me into this new idea, which may prove to be even bigger than Amazon, Priceline, or their other winners.

(Although they were the ones who showed me exactly how to take action and invest. And I'll share all the details on that in just a minute.)

It was my daughter, when she said...

"But Dad... why would I need cable to watch TV?"

As you've probably figured out by now, the eighth dinosaur about to be massively disrupted by the Internet is the $2.2 trillion entertainment industry.

More specifically, the cable and satellite providers that many of us fork over more than $2,000 of our hard-earned money to year after year.

Even though we're seeing more ads and less real programming than ever...

Even though their customer service is so bad that three of the top five most hated companies in America are cable providers...

Even though they're getting sued left and right for deceptive hidden fees, customer privacy violations, and monopoly practices...

I mean... do you know ANYONE who actually likes their cable company?

I sure don't.

But like any bad habit, this has been a hard one to break... until now.

Because for anyone who loves television but hates being forced into a raw deal, there's been a lot of good news lately...

Like new choices...

On YouTube alone, over 36 billion hours of video were watched last year.

In the last quarter, Netflix streamed over 10 billion hours of content.

(Meaning it's both short clips -- and real full-length TV shows being viewed.)

One study found that 83% of those aged 18-29 say they watch some, most, or all of their shows online.

Yet it's not just a trend among youth.

More Americans are now watching videos online than on their TV.

58% say they no longer need their TV at all.

Of course there are new gadgets that enable streaming video to also be sent straight to your TV...

Video game systems like Microsoft's Xbox, small streaming devices like the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Of course, most new TVs (like the Samsung Smart TV) also come with built in wireless connections to get it directly from your Internet routing.

All of which is adding up in a big way. The percentage of households without a cable or satellite subscription is now declining for the first time in history.

An estimated 7.6 million US households have already cut the cord.

And, according to Credit Suisse analyst Stefan Anninger, these "cord cutters" are joined by a new group.

Folks like my daughter -- called "cord nevers."

You see, 83.1% of new households are choosing to live without pay TV.

No wonder Business Insider reported that the cable/satellite industry is starting to collapse.

But there's one objection most skeptics still continue to bring up. And as I'll show you I think they're wrong.

But, before I do you gotta understand: I was one of those skeptics, too.

See, I figured that even though some shows were free to watch online, there was no way that the ones I like to watch were actually available online.

So I looked it up...

And this is what I found.

Here's the 20 most popular shows on TV. And -- as you can see -- they're ALL available to watch online.

Of course, for me -- and so many others -- the first one on that list is the most important one.

Because, for years now, live sports programming has been the one insurmountable obstacle standing in the way of universal cord-cutting.

Can I watch it online?
Sunday Night Football NBC yes! Better Call Saul AMC yes!
Game of Thrones HBO yes! Silicon Valley HBO yes!
The Walking Dead AMC yes! Criminal Minds CBS yes!
The Good Wife CBS yes! Grey's Anatomy ABC yes!
Supernatural CW yes! Castle ABC yes!
NCIS CBS yes! The Big Bang Theory CBS yes!
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ABC yes! The Flash CW yes!
The Americans FX yes! Arrow CW yes!
Girls HBO yes! House of Cards Netflix yes!
Vikings History yes! New Girl FOX yes!

But as I discovered, Sunday Night Football is just the beginning.

I learned that every Major League baseball game, every NHL hockey game, every NBA basketball game, and every March Madness tournament game is available online -- for free, or for a subscription price that you don't need cable to purchase.

So is a lot of ESPN's content.

So -- even though I was having a conversation with my daughter about why she didn't need cable... turns out we were really having a conversation about why I didn't need it either.

And what can I say? She's pretty persuasive!

And that's why I recently made the decision to cut the cord myself.

Sending in my last-ever cable bill. Saying "sayonara" to their endless maze of phone menus and buck-passing telemarketers. And knowing that I'll never have to wait for them to come to my house sometime between eight AM and six PM.

Best of all, it means never having to pay for hundreds of shows that I never watch... just to get access to the few shows I really do enjoy.

I mean, think about it. We've been clinging to an outmoded system for content delivery that we're ALL unhappy with.

And now that a better alternative has come along, we think it's time to act.

Not just as consumers... but as investors as well.

Just like Motley Fool Stock Advisor members did when they made over 62 times their money on and nearly 59 times their money on Priceline.

But how?

My daughter didn't have an answer for that one, as you might expect.

But luckily, I knew just who to talk to... my bosses, David and Tom Gardner.

After all, these guys wrote the book on investing in the entertainment industry for huge profits.

Like on Activision Blizzard, Netflix, Hasbro, Nvidia, and Marvel.

Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI) Up 2,175%

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) Up 6,206%

Hasbro (Nasdaq: HAS) Up 710%

Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) Up 1,239%

Marvel (acquired by Disney)Up 5,062%

These two brothers' decades-long sibling rivalry has led to creative disagreements about stocks that have helped Motley Fool Stock Advisor members nearly triple the returns of the S&P 500 for more than a decade!

<em>Motley Fool Stock Advisor</em>'s Top 3 TV Stocks

And with the brilliant strategy they shared with me, it doesn't matter which corporate giant is the biggest winner...

Because as long as you know how to invest in these three stocks, you're in a good position. For any outcome.

I'll tell you why in just a moment...

And believe me, I appreciate your patience in sticking with me so far.

It's a complex subject, and given the historic investing gains that could be yours in the near future, I don't want to oversimplify it.

I think we all want to leave a legacy of great investment returns for our families.

But the right opportunity might come along only once in a decade.

And when it does, you have to know exactly how to take action.

That's why I'm so happy to work at a place like The Motley Fool...

Where I get to check out the investing advice my bosses David and Tom Gardner publish in their Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter.

Here's the way I look at it...

Anyone can have a lucky guess. Maybe even two or three lucky guesses.

But, Priceline, Activision Blizzard, Netflix, Hasbro, Nvidia, and Marvel are just a few of the dozens of high-fliers that they've recommended to members of Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

The reason their track record is so reliable is because David and Tom focus on picking great companies. Not great bubbles.

Because timing the market -- picking the right stock on the right day, or even right month -- is impossible.

Nobody admits it. But it's true.

Great investments, however, are made for the long term.

I don't mean 100 years...

5 is plenty. 10's even better.

(You see, it doesn't take much to be long term when we're talking about Wall Street.)

But that really doesn't matter...

What does matter -- what we believe really builds life-changing wealth for ordinary investors like you and me -- is understanding the long-term, big-picture historical trends that impact our lives.

Like the way the Internet is STILL disrupting traditional industries like cable television. And changing them forever.

Strangely enough, to us, this means making great investments is easy.

You just need a little guidance to point you to where the best long-term opportunities are, some spare cash, and the mental discipline to turn off the nonstop noise from the financial media.

And one more thing...

You need a box of Cheerios.

At least that's what David and Tom told me when I asked them how I should invest in this trend.

After I shared with them the story I outlined for you, they both smiled at me. Then David asked me... "Do you like eating Cheerios?"

It was an odd question.

But of course I like eating Cheerios. So do most people.

David continued... "Now ask yourself this. Do the Cheerios in the 12-ounce box taste better than the ones in the 15-ounce box or the 18-ounce box? Would you drive further to buy Cheerios at your favorite grocery store? Would you pay more?"

Well... no.

I love Cheerios. I eat them most mornings. But I really don't care about who I buy them from, or what size package they come in.

I just care about the convenience and the price.

And then it hit me. They were saying that it was basically the same for TV!

What we really love about television are the shows, right?

My daughter likes Zooey Deschanel's New Girl.

My son likes Game of Thrones.

My wife loves Grey's Anatomy

And I like football.

It doesn't really matter what screen we watch them on. Or what time of day. Or what network, cable company, website, app, or gadget delivers them.

Our shows are our shows.

A recent Forbes magazine article agrees...

It starts with the alarming headline: "The Death of Television."

But it goes on to explain that, rather than dying, TV is about to be reborn. And in the world of TV 2.0... we're in control.

The article states that content providers (whether it's HDTV, the History Channel, ESPN, or any other channel) no longer need to feel that they're subject to the will of the distributors.

Content providers -- whether HGTV, History Channel, ESPN, or any other channel -- no longer need to feel that they are subject to the will of the distributors. -- Forbes

And that means they can start making money by doing what we want, instead of what those middlemen want.

In fact, if you've been reading the news lately, you know that the content providers have already begun making their first moves.

Like AMC (producer of Breaking Bad and Mad Men), which stared down the DISH satellite network.

Or FOX, which played chicken with Cablevision and almost blacked out a World Series game.

Or Viacom (producer of The Daily Show and SpongeBob SquarePants), which strong-armed DirecTV.

Or the STARZ movie network, which pulled their content off of Netflix.

And the Madison Square Garden channel taking its New York Knicks games away from Time Warner Cable.

No wonder a recent Wall Street Journal report asks whether the cable/satellite providers are in denial.

And it goes on to reveal one more juicy detail...

Turns out the children of Charlie Ergen (founder of the DISH network) are cord cutters, too.

Talk about bad publicity!

So here's why we think you need these three stocks right now.

We've seen that on-demand, direct, online distribution to the consumer changes everything.

Just like it did for airplane and hotel bookings with Priceline. And purchasing books (and just about everything else) on

And this gives content providers the upper hand, regardless of whether it's coming through traditional carriers like Cablevision or Time Warner... or through new challengers like Google, Apple, and Netflix.

Want more proof? Check out this next chart.

<em>Motley Fool Stock Advisor</em>'s Top 3 TV Stocks

These are the performance figures of three companies that David and Tom Gardner recommend to Motley Fool Stock Advisor members as their top TV content plays.

Together, these stocks have given investors a huge return since the beginning of 2012. (Nearly double what the rest of the stock market has returned.)

And thanks to the "Cheerios Test," our members were able to recognize this opportunity well before other investors did...potentially leading them to an even higher average gain.

But here's the even better news for you.

David and Tom think these three winners are about to go on the kind of epic run we only see once every 10 years or so.

And it's hard to disagree. Because -- as you've seen -- the next revolution in television has only just begun.

Of course, even the Wall Street skeptics will finally come around. Which could give you just a short buying window.

Fortunately, there's still time to join those members of Motley Fool Stock Advisor and cash in. But you may need to act now.

I wish I could tell you the name and ticker symbols of these three uniquely positioned stocks -- and, if it were up to me, I'd probably just spill the beans right now.

But my friends in our customer service department tell me I can't, out of respect to the members who are already paying for our advisor as members of Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

I think you'll agree that's fair.

But since you've stuck with me this far, I want to do two things for you.

First, I want to give you some further information on these companies.

(It might even be enough for you to guess their identity.)

Company A is an entertainment powerhouse valued at over $152 billion. It owns more than 100 global television networks, 7 movie studios, 4 video game companies, and hundreds of websites.

Not to mention, a little-known research laboratory that's developing the next generation of TV technology.

(Like a new system that lets you use any object in your house -- your couch, your coffee table, even a glass of water -- as a remote control.)

In fact, this company's growth potential is so strong that legendary value investor Tom Gayner recently snapped up more, bringing his total ownership to over 1.5 million shares.

Company B rose from the ashes of a declining newspaper empire.

Now it's cultivating a niche TV market that's especially attractive to advertisers, allowing it to generate more than $3 billion in revenue from more than 190 million viewers.

According to Investor's Business Daily, even though the entertainment industry is extremely lucrative, it actually has a puny number of high-quality stocks. And these are two of them.

Meanwhile, Company C didn't make IBD's list...

But that's because it isn't really an entertainment company.

In fact, even though it operates some of the most popular channels on TV (reaching more than 3 billion viewers in 220 countries)... its business model is completely different.

Its most important customers are actually elementary and high schools. And now it's entering another $25 billion education market with a breakthrough product that's half the price of the traditional choice.

So you can see why this company has been able to systematically grow its earnings per share in the past five years.

I hope that information was helpful, but the second thing I'd like to give you may prove even more helpful.

It's the chance to own your very own copy of our new investing action guide, "3 Must-See Stocks for the New Golden Age of TV."

David and Tom have put the finishing touches on it -- and it has everything you need to know about the three stocks I just mentioned to you.

You deserve to get the full story about these companies -- so you can decide for yourself whether or not to take advantage of this historic investing opportunity.

The guide is officially valued at $29, but I want to send you a copy, entirely free, with my compliments ... if you join Motley Fool Stock Advisor today...

That's right...

I would like to offer you my personal invitation to sample everything our Motley Fool Stock Advisor community has to offer , with no risk of your membership fee or obligation whatsoever and receive your very own copy of, "3 Must-See Stocks for the New Golden Age of TV" absolutely free when you join today.

This is your chance to profit not only from David and Tom Gardner's top picks for the future of TV...

But also from every other recommendation they've ever made.

I want you to discover for yourself everything that Motley Fool Stock Advisor has to offer -- without having to risk even one dollar of your membership fee.

This is our "keep everything and risk nothing" DOUBLE guarantee.

You see, at Motley Fool Stock Advisor, the team stands behind every piece of advice, insight, and recommendation they make with 100% confidence.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Or your subscription fee back.

So we want you to go ahead and take a full 30 days to have a good look at every breakout company the Gardner brothers have identified.

And then, if for any reason you're not totally thrilled, just tell us to send your membership fee back.

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Think about it...

All the details of The Motley Fool's soaring TV content stocks...

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All the recommendations...

All the articles and investing tips...

Plus... a valuable, fast-action bonus I'll share in just a minute...

ALL yours to keep with my compliments.

I'm pretty sure that once you have a closer look at what our award-winning investment team is up to, you'll want to stick around and get all of their future Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendations. That way, you'll have the chance to discover companies like...

Marvel (acquired by Disney)Up 5,062%

Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI) Up 2,175%

BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA) Up 479%

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) Up 6,206%

Interactive Brokers (Nasdaq: IBKR) Up 222%

Hasbro (Nasdaq: HAS) Up 710%

Whole Foods Market (NYSE: WFM) Up 75%

Sherwin-Williams (NYSE: SHW) Up 490%

Coach (NYSE: COH) Up 79%

MSC Industrial Direct (NYSE: MSM) Up 277%

And believe me, the full list of winners is even longer.

But I've already kept you long enough. And I know that you'll need time to think about whether these investments make sense in your portfolio -- instead of just basing your decision on what I've been able to tell you here.

That's why I hope you'll take me up on my offer to get the full story on the companies we've discussed in this report, directly from David and Tom Gardner... before the Wall Street skeptics wise up. Because once they start pricing these stocks for a post-cable future, investors who had the insight and discipline to scoop them up now could potentially become unbelievably rich.

Remember... when you accept my personal invitation and agree to sample everything Motley Fool Stock Advisor has to offer, without risking your membership fee or obligation, I'll send you an exclusive copy of "3 Must-See Stocks for the New Golden Age of TV" absolutely free.

After all, knowing the ticker symbols is just the beginning. What you really need is a plan of action.

How much is this kind of advice worth?

Well, there's a lot of folks who'd charge you thousands of dollars for it.

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Tom Conner

Tom Conner
VP of Software Development
The Motley Fool

P.S. If you want to position yourself to profit from the downfall of the cable companies before everyone finds out about Google's experimental project in Kansas City, and before Apple goes all-in with a breakthrough technology for your living room, these are the 3 stocks that could position you for the kind of gains that usually happen when aggressive and well-connected insiders cut backroom dealsSo please click the "Start Now" button above — don't risk missing out.

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