Real Estate Basics Articles

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Calculating Net Operating Income (NOI)

Oct 18, 2019

Learn how net operating income (NOI) is used to evaluate a property’s potential income and profitability.

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Understanding Cash-on-Cash Returns for Real Estate

Oct 18, 2019

Here’s one of the essential concepts to know when evaluating real estate investment opportunities.

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What Does an HOA Do?

Oct 18, 2019

HOAs don’t exist just to tell you what you can do with your own home. They play an important role in improving the value of your property.

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70+ Resources to Learn Real Estate Investing -- And Do It Right

Oct 17, 2019

There’s no shortage of websites, apps, blogs, and podcasts to help you learn real estate investing.

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What Is Investment Income?

Oct 17, 2019

Want to know how to create real estate investment income? Look no further.

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The Foreclosure Process in 5 Steps

Oct 17, 2019

If you find yourself facing foreclosure, here’s what to expect.

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What Is a Cap Rate in Real Estate?

Oct 14, 2019

Capitalization rate is an important calculation that helps determine the value of commercial real estate.

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What Credit Score Do You Need for an Investment Property?

Oct 14, 2019

The credit score you'll need depends on your qualifications as well as who your lender is.

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Why Are There Liens on Houses?

Oct 13, 2019

There’s a chance you’ll encounter a lien as you attempt to purchase real estate investment properties. Here’s why that might happen -- and what you can do about it.

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What Real Estate Investors Need to Know About the Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Oct 12, 2019

This metric tells you and lenders how profitable a real estate investment is likely to be.

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What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Oct 12, 2019

It’s something you’ll need if you own property.