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5 at 5: Your Daily Digest for Real Estate Investing, 2/23/21

[Updated: Mar 02, 2021 ] Feb 23, 2021 by Marc Rapport
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Some pandemic optimism, PPP loans for the little guys, financing hotels like used cars, an agtech play, and a new play on ensuring data is not lost in space.

In Today's News

The Most Likely Timeline for Life to Return to Normal

An uncertain spring, an amazing summer, a cautious fall and winter, and then, finally, relief, says this article by The Atlantic.

The Millionacres takeaway: While not about real estate, or even investing, this is a most optimistic piece that cites authoritative sources about what may well be the course of this global nightmare. Imagine, people shopping again, going to restaurants, and hanging out with each other in all kinds of public places. That's good for CRE property owners and investors, right? The writer does strike pessimistic notes about mass gatherings, plus the chances for a revived outbreak next winter, but heck, overall, this feels like good news, and we can all use some.

How to Get a PPP Loan Under the New Biden Rules

Starting Wednesday, businesses with fewer than 20 employees will have an exclusive two-week period to apply for Paycheck Protection Program loans.

The Millionacres takeaway: As Fox Business notes here, larger companies will have to wait their turn this time around, but the move does mean smaller operations -- which includes a lot of real estate and property managers -- get a better shot at the relief this time around.

Hotel Sellers Use Car Sales Model to Finance Lodging Deals

Banks and owners want to get rid of unprofitable hotels that offer little near-term prospect for recovery. But unloading them at bargain prices would lead to losses on their balance sheets. So, The Wall Street Journal reports today, some are turning to what's known as seller financing.

The Millionacres takeaway: The hotel industry has been particularly hard hit, of course, and now the "buy here, pay here" model that works for used car dealers may present some opportunity for the savvy investor who can spot the right deal at the right price in the right place.

Today on Millionacres

Is the Rise of AppHarvest Good for Investors?

AppHarvest (NASDAQ: APPH) is a newly public, high-tech farming operation in Kentucky that's bringing farm-fresh produce on a massive scale to nearby communities, with intentions to build more facilities over the next five years.

The Millionacres takeaway: Millionacres' Liz Brumer lays out how this socially conscious, environmentally friendly operation just might be rolling out in the right place at the right time, and how the benefits could spread to various kinds of ancillary investments, too. (The company's first facility is in operation now and encloses 60 acres. That's about 45 football fields. That's a big greenhouse!)

Data Storage in Space? Here's What Investors Should Know

LyteLoop, a five-year-old start-up, has raised $40 million from investors buying into its vision for data storage in a cloud above the clouds, pursuing a strategy of providing the service by satellite more cheaply than here on terra firma.

The Millionacres takeaway: Millionacres' Matt DiLallo explains that while it's an intriguing notion, LyteLoop is years away from competing with those data center real estate investment trusts (REITs) that already are producing other-wordly returns.

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