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5 Walk-in Shower Ideas

Apr 26, 2020 by Maurie Backman

Bathroom renovations are a good way to increase your home's value while also making life more comfortable. And if you're going to update a bathroom, you might consider a walk-in shower. As the term implies, a walk-in shower is one where there's no tub attached or step-up required.

Walk-in showers have a number of benefits. First of all, they're safer, since you're not stepping over a deep tub ledge to access one. If you have young children, a walk-in shower is a smart upgrade to consider, and the same holds true for elderly homeowners with mobility issues. Walk-in showers are also easier to clean since, again, you're not leaning over a tub ledge to access those hard-to-reach spots. And walk-in showers tend to be more spacious than those that are combined with a tub underneath.

If you're inclined to install a walk-in shower, you should know that you have lots of design choices to work with. Here are a few you might consider.

1. Install a glass door

Shower curtains can be annoying; they get in your way and have a tendency to accumulate grime. A glass shower door, on the other hand, takes that aggravation out of the equation, and it can also add an aesthetic element that makes your setup more attractive.

2. Make it a steam shower

If you install a steam generator in your shower, you'll have the option to enjoy your very own steam room. In other words, you'll get the spa experience without having to leave the house.

3. Put in a bench

If your walk-in shower is large enough, it pays to add seating in the form of one or more benches. This is especially important if you're adding the steam element above. That way, you can take a load off, relax, and really enjoy the experience each time you use your shower.

4. Consider an open shower

Many of us are used to showers with curtains or doors, but with the right setup, that's actually not a requirement. If you opt for an open shower instead, you'll feel less confined every time you bathe, all the while making your bathroom seem more spacious on a whole.

5. Put that shower outdoors

This whole time, we've been talking about walk-in showers in the context of bathroom renovations. However, an outdoor shower is also an option -- a luxury feature often found in beach homes. Of course, you'll need the right setup to pull off an outdoor shower, such as additional exterior space and a spot that lends to privacy. With those boxes checked off, it could be a valuable renovation to invest in.

Clearly, there are plenty of options to choose from if you're thinking of putting in a walk-in shower. The route you take will ultimately hinge on how much space you have to work with and what your budget entails. Now that you have some ideas, you can get moving on your exciting renovation.

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