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8 Ways to Change Up Your Ceiling

[Updated: Sep 13, 2020 ] Apr 02, 2020 by Aly J. Yale
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A room's ceiling is essentially a fifth wall. While you can certainly leave it plain-Jane white or eggshell, upgrading it a bit can have a huge impact on the space as well as the home's overall marketability.

Ceiling projects don't have to be difficult either. In some cases, all you need is a ladder and a roll of self-adhesive wallpaper and your makeover's complete. (There are, of course, more complicated options if you're the handy type or are willing to outsource the gig).

Are you looking to fix up a property you've invested in? Here are eight ways to make your ceiling pop:

1. Add wallpaper to it

Wallpaper is incredibly on-trend right now -- on both walls and ceilings. Use it to change up a room's color scheme, or go bold with bright hues, patterns, and geometric shapes. You can treat it almost like an accent wall and really make a statement.

2. Adorn it with ceiling medallions

Going for a more elegant look? Ceiling medallions can be a good choice. Choose from a whole range of shapes and designs, paint them any color you like, and secure them with some caulk and a few screws. You can use just one to accent your light fixture or lay them in a pattern and get full coverage.

3. Deck it out in drapes

Draping fabric from the ceiling can create a soft, romantic look in a space, making it a great choice for master suites and bedrooms. If you opt for darker fabrics, it can also be good for media rooms, creating an almost theater-like look.

4. Swap out the paint color

This one's an obvious choice, but swapping out your ceiling's paint is a simple way to make an impact. If you need color guidance, Pantone's color of the year -- classic blue -- is a good option. According to Benjamin Moore, other on-trend tones include light, earthy pinks, greens, and yellows, as well as dark green and greyish hues.

5. Cover it in tin

Tin ceilings are popular right now, making appearances on Fixer Upper and other hit HGTV shows. Corrugated tin can give a hip, sleek look while tin tiles -- especially antique ones -- offer a richer flair. Both are fairly easy to install, too.

6. Add beams or paneling

Wood beams, panels, or both can be a good way to give a room a rustic, cabin-like look -- especially if you leave the wood unpainted. They're also one of the easier ceiling projects to take on. Just cut the beams to the right length, install a few mounting blocks on your ceiling studs, and screw your beams directly to that.

7. Stencil it

Stencils can be a creative way to transform your ceilings, and if you choose a premade one, it's a super easy route as well. If you're the creative type, you can even create your own stencils using contact paper. Just make sure you buy some painter's tape. You'll need it to keep the stencil steady when moving on to the painting step.

8. Upgrade your light fixtures

It's not the most sweeping change, but changing out your light fixtures -- or adding a fixture where there isn't one -- can be a simple way to make over a ceiling in a pinch. Pendant lights, chandeliers, and suspension lights are all great ways to make a statement.

Need more ideas?

When in doubt, hit up Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) if you need more ideas for transforming your ceilings. And if you're looking for other ways to update your property, try these nine projects. They can each be done in just one weekend!

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