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Pros and Cons of Living Right Near a School

[Updated: Sep 10, 2020 ] Mar 04, 2020 by Maurie Backman
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If you're in the market for a new home, you may have certain criteria to check off your wish list -- things like a large kitchen, a finished basement, an attached garage, or proximity to amenities. And one of those nearby amenities could be a school.

But is living close to a school actually a good thing? In some cases, it can be, but there are drawbacks you'll need to be aware of as well.

Advantages of living near a school

If you don't have kids of your own (and don't plan to), living near a school could be a nuisance. But if you have kids, it really doesn't get more convenient than that. Many schools have limited parking, and busing isn't always an option (and is sometimes more of a hassle than driving, since buses can be notoriously late).

If you live within walking distance to a school, you'll have less of a hassle getting your kids there -- and you'll likely have the option to let them walk themselves if they're older, thereby making your own life easier.

Furthermore, living near a school gives you a great opportunity to network with other parents and build a social circle when you're new in town. All you need to do is flash a friendly smile as other parents walk by, and you could be well on your way to making additional friends.

Finally, a house near a school could be easier to sell -- especially if the school in question is highly rated. Many parents would be thrilled to be school-adjacent, which could mean unloading your house without worry and possibly commanding top dollar when you go to sell.

Drawbacks of living near a school

On the other hand, living right near a school has its disadvantages. For one thing, you can bet on seeing lots of traffic on your street when school is in session. And parking could become a virtual nightmare, making it difficult to receive deliveries or have guests visit your home.

Additionally, living near a school could mean grappling with lots of daytime noise. That could be problematic if you work from home or simply enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

Finally, a house near a school isn't always easy to sell -- sometimes it's harder to sell. Not everyone wants to be close to a school for the aforementioned reasons, so you could end up having a hard time unloading that home should the need or desire arise.

Is buying a home near a school the right move?

Ultimately, living near a school could be a positive thing, or it could be a decision you end up regretting. Think about the pros and cons, but also vet your other options in the neighborhood you're looking at. If the school-adjacent house you're interested in has certain features you can find in a property a few blocks away, it may be worth putting a little distance between your home and the throngs of children that grace that street every weekday.

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