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3 Cheap and Easy Temporary Flooring Ideas

Jun 07, 2020 by Liz Brumer

If your rental has worn, outdated, or just plain dirty floors, have no fear. There are several temporary flooring options that can help cover that dingy carpet floor and still abide by your rental agreement. Just because the floor is temporary does not mean it's cheap.

You can have a good looking and durable floor that's removable and even portable. Take a look at these three cheap and easy temporary flooring ideas that will freshen the space up without costing a fortune.

What is temporary flooring?

Temporary flooring is a nonpermanent flooring solution. Whether you're renting, just haven't decided if the style will work long term for your home, or you want an update on a budget -- temporary floor protection can be a great option to consider.

Temporary floors can be placed over existing carpet, hardwood, or almost any other level surface and work great in nearly any space. They are generally easy to install and, most importantly, can be removed without damaging the original floor surface.

Temporary flooring options

Style and price can vary greatly with everything from an area rug, which is technically a temporary flooring option, all the way up to luxury vinyl plank. You may already be familiar with many of these options, for example, laminate flooring, and just not aware that they're considered temporary.

Most of the floors fall into one of three types:

  • Tile
  • Planks
  • Sheet.

Each type of floor has a variety of materials to choose from. Carpets can be wonderful for the bedrooms, and vinyl is functional in the kitchen because the surface is easy to clean. There are nontraditional materials you might want to explore as well, such as rubber or cork.

1. Tile

Peel-and-stick tiles are a cost-effective way to lay a new floor. While they aren't as nice as permanent ceramic tile, they can still clean the space up nicely. Carpet tiles are a popular option because they are easy to install yourself and completely customizable to your desired look. The adhesive means no slipping or tripping on throw rugs. You can also purchase vinyl tile, which is great floor protection for the kitchen. If you're looking for something unique, consider cork. It's a great non-skid surface and not something you see every day. The downfall of this approach is that the peel-and-stick tile can leave a glue residue that will have to be thoroughly cleaned upon removal.

2. Sheet

Sheet vinyl, like linoleum, is the most common material for the single roll temporary flooring. Just roll it out, trim to fit, and you're good to go. You can either weigh it down with furniture or use an adhesive tape along the edges to secure it in place. And while it's ultimately just vinyl flooring, they do have ones that mimic the look of hardwood floors. For a more industrial feel and incredible floor protection and durability, check out rubber flooring. Rubber floor is most often relegated to the garage, but it now comes in a wide range of colors and styles, making it well suited to use as flooring inside the home as well.

3. Planks

For those seeking a more high-end polished look, you'll probably want to look into laminate flooring or vinyl plank. Laminate flooring has been used for decades to achieve the look and feel of wood floors for significantly less than real hardwood flooring. Laminate looks great, but care must be taken to not let water or spills sit for long or you'll end up with damage. This can be an issue if you want consistent flooring throughout the home but know that you're likely to spill in the kitchen or bathroom. The solution to that is vinyl flooring. It's waterproof and if you opt for luxury vinyl, it will look just like wood.

Let's take a look at a few pros and cons of each flooring type, as well as what materials each is available in:

Flooring type Pros Cons Material
Tile Easy to install Will feel flaws in the subfloor Carpet, Vinyl, Foam, Cork, Rubber
Sheet Easy to clean Difficult to maneuver into a room Carpet, Vinyl, Cork, Rubber
Planks Highest quality look Difficult to install, need tools, more expensive Vinyl, Wood, Laminate

These flooring ideas can fit almost any situation, room, budget, and vibe. Take the time to figure out if tile, sheet, or planks will best fit your time constraints and installation skills and is worth the cost for the unit you're in.

Also decide whether carpet, laminate, or faux wood vinyl will function best in the room you plan to remodel. Perhaps durable vinyl kitchen flooring and cozy carpet in the bedrooms with wood flooring throughout the rest of the house will be the look you're going for. Whatever you choose, it's a relief to know that there are plenty of stylish, comfortable, and temporary options out there to personalize your home.

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