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4 Kitchen Decor Ideas To Help Enhance Your Kitchen

May 15, 2020 by Liz Brumer

A kitchen remodel is an exciting project. Whether you’re looking to create an open floor plan to expand a small kitchen or hoping to create a more modern kitchen design, there are four kitchen decor ideas you need to consider before getting started.

An average kitchen remodel in the United States is $23,000, meaning a kitchen renovation project should not be taken lightly. Creating a cohesive and functional design that suits your style and home is critical. Take a look at these kitchen decor ideas that cover everything from picking paint colors to adding those finishing touches to help you create the beautiful kitchen of your dreams.

1. Pick a theme

Choosing a kitchen decorating theme that fits your personal style will bring you joy every time you use it. Changing out the overall look or feel of your kitchen can be achieved by selecting a theme that showcases your unique style while still flowing with the overall design of your home.

Establishing a focal point in the kitchen design is a great place to start. This will set the precedent for all your other kitchen decorating selections. Depending on your style, it could be an eye-catching patterned wallpaper on a kitchen wall, a bold tile backsplash, dramatic pendant lights, or a pot rack over your kitchen island for pots and pans.

Kitchen decorating ideas by overall style:

  1. Modern kitchen
    1. Select stainless steel appliances for an instant update.
    2. Go for contemporary or craftsman-style shaker panels for the cabinetry.
    3. Consider concrete or stone countertops for a functional and edgy look.
    4. Glass tile or mirrored backsplash is a sleek way to update the kitchen.
    5. Build open shelves with recessed lighting into the cabinetry itself for a modern take on open shelving.
  2. Rustic kitchen
    1. Swap the traditional kitchen island for a dining room table with bench seating so it can be tucked underneath while you're preparing the meal.
    2. Choose white kitchen cabinetry with natural-wood open shelving. This can be a great way to make a small kitchen feel big and gives the space an inviting and open feel.
    3. Butcher block or warm wood countertops give that farmhouse-kitchen look.
    4. Opt for subway tile or warm natural stone backsplash.
    5. Use bronze or black hardware, fixtures, and pendant lights for that classic aged look.

2. Illuminating light

Choosing the right light can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider, including choosing the appropriate fixture, making it functional for the space, and setting the overall mood for your decorating ideas.

Task lighting provides focused light on one area so you can get lighting exactly where you need it. Many homeowners incorporate pendant lighting somewhere in the kitchen design for both function and style. Pendant lights work well over the sink or a kitchen island. Under-cabinet lights are another easy way to create task lighting or give a nice high-end touch to your kitchen. You might install cabinet lights over the coffee maker or stove where a pendant light wouldn't work.

Recessed lighting is how most homeowners choose to light up the whole space. It's time to remove the antiquated fluorescent tube lights and move into energy-efficient modern lighting. Recessed lighting doesn't affect the look of the kitchen since this type of lighting is mounted into the ceiling, but it will provide bright light throughout the entire kitchen.

3. Harmonious kitchen color schemes

Choosing a kitchen color scheme is an important decorating decision. It's more than just picking paint colors for the walls. It should tie in with your overall kitchen decorating theme. It can help coordinate the features of the kitchen design and should tie in with the color palette for the rest of your home.

White is always a solid choice for at least a portion of the elements in your kitchen design, especially if you have a small kitchen. It prevents the space from feeling tight and matches pretty much any color palette. It's also a great option if you have an open floor plan and can see the kitchen from the living room. Using white cabinetry, backsplash, and/or countertops allows the kitchen to blend in as much as possible.

What paint colors can do for the ambiance of the kitchen:

Color Dark Light
Red Luxurious Romantic
Orange Fun Relaxed
Yellow Cheerful Charming
Green Edgy Natural
Blue Moody Airy
Purple Bold Calming

4. Finishing touches

Now it's time to give your personal style room to shine. Finishing touches can be a great way to highlight who you are while leaving some of the more costly and permanent fixtures like kitchen cabinets more neutral. Stools around your kitchen island are a great way to continue creating the overall look you're going for and are easy enough to swap out if trends change. Updating the hardware on the cabinets is also a simple way to make a statement.

Art can mean many things to many people. Since a good kitchen design is usually fairly utilitarian, try to combine functionality and aesthetics, especially for small kitchens. Instead of traditional wall decor, consider hanging cutting boards on the wall. You can showcase your grandmother's hand-painted china or display your cookbooks on the shelves. If your espresso machine or stand mixer are core parts of your kitchen, leave them on the counter; just make sure your counter space doesn't get too cluttered by other miscellaneous items.

These four decorating ideas should give you a solid place to start planning your new kitchen's look. It's all in the cohesive design: pendant lights that match the cabinet fixtures, white cabinetry that lets the paint color on the walls really shine, and balancing room for counter space with decorative touches. Find a theme that calls to you and start designing.

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