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renovation before and after

Read This Before You Renovate Your Home

Feb 07, 2020

Renovating can improve your home's value -- but it can cost you money in a surprising way.

ask millionacres

Ask Millionacres: How Do I Write Off Rental Losses?

Feb 05, 2020

Thanks to the passive loss rules, your rental losses may not be deductible -- for now.


Is Homeownership Still a Good Deal From a Tax Perspective?

Jan 30, 2020

The answer: It depends on where you live and who you ask.

woman in home office

Home Office Deductions: What You Need to Know

Jan 16, 2020

If you use part of your home as an office, you may be eligible for a very lucrative tax break.

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Potential SALT Deduction Changes: What Taxpayers Need to Know

Jan 08, 2020

Will the cap on the SALT deduction actually get repealed? Here's what's happened so far.

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Property Taxes Too High? Here's How to Fight Back

Jan 08, 2020

Don’t keep paying up. Instead, take control.

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What Are Qualified Dividends?

Jan 06, 2020

Certain stock dividends get favorable tax treatment -- here's what you need to know.

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FHA Increases Rehab Loan Limits for Opportunity Zones

Dec 29, 2019

Learn how to take advantage of the increased rehab loan limits for qualified homes.

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What the Updated Opportunity Zone Fund Rules Mean for Investors

Dec 27, 2019

The new rules may open the door to more interest in opportunity zones.

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I Fought My Property Tax Assessor in Court. Here's What Went Down

Dec 17, 2019

Sometimes, it pays to take a stand.

Individual Using Calculator for Personal Taxes

4 Tax Breaks That Are Still Available to Homeowners

Dec 13, 2019

Good news, homeowners: The IRS still offers a number of incentives you can capitalize on.