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The Millionacres Guide to Real Estate Taxes

Make the most of your real estate investments.

While nobody likes to pay taxes, homeowners and investors can take advantage of numerous tax breaks that reduce the amount they owe. This book provides a thorough introduction to real estate taxes to help you get started including:

  • What homeowners can and can't deduct
  • The ins and outs of property and capital gains taxes
  • A guide to depreciation and taxes for real estate investors
  • The basics of a 1031 exchange
  • The tax benefits of Opportunity Zones and how to use them

This book is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as tax or investment advice. For tax or investment advice, please consult a tax or investment advisor. None of the companies mentioned are intended as recommendations by The Motley Fool, Millionacres or any of their affiliates.