A couple of days ago, Bear Stearns(NYSE: BSC) sent an email to all employees telling them to cut the casual. Yes, workers at the Wall Street firm now have to revert back to suits and ties -- even if they have no contact with the public.

Businesses like Bear Stearns loosened their dress codes a few years ago to keep employees from leaving for more relaxed Internet environments. But with so many dot-coms imploding, the stuffed shirts are gleefully making their workers uncomfortable once again.

The stricter dress code is not the only change we're seeing these days. For instance, here are the:

Top 15 Other Casualties of the Dot-Com Bust

15. Someone replaced couch in "Nap Room" with a conference table.
14. Pets.com sock puppet no longer cute or charming.
13. Toys 'R' Us completely overstocked with Nerf guns.
12. Employees must rediscover the alarm clock.
11. Bean bags are out; bean counters are in.
10. Domain now pronounced Doh-Main rather than Dough-Main.
9. Overdue repair bill has kept Foosball table in the shop for months.
8. Children named after websites sue parents for pain and suffering incurred from playground bullies.
7. Businesses must somehow survive without Grand Master Pooh-bahs of Bootylicious Biz-Dev.
6. Gold-plated espresso maker in reception area replaced with refurbished copy machine.
5. Corporate hot tub filled in with planter dirt and shrubbery.
4. Executive firefighter pole used to slide down to office lobby now serves as support column.
3. Dog-walking service canceled.
2. EBITDA is now EAITDA -- Earnings AFTER Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.
1. Stock options now used as wallpaper.