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According to research by Ibbotson Associates, small-cap stocks have posted annualized returns of 12.1% since 1925, while large-cap stocks have returned just 9.9% annually.

Over time, the effect on your wealth can be staggering.

Consider: If you invested $1,000 in large caps in 1925, today you would have $3.0 million. Not bad.

But if you had put that same $1,000 in small caps, you'd have $16.1 million!

How do you find these fortune-building stocks?

It's simple in theory. But in practice, it takes good old-fashioned discipline and hard work.

That's why The Motley Fool has dedicated an entire team of analysts to helping you find the best small-cap stocks.

In 2003, Motley Fool Co-founder Tom Gardner founded Motley Fool Hidden Gems to help individual investors like you invest in underfollowed companies before Wall Street analysts caught on to them.

Now, the Motley Fool Hidden Gems team, led by small-cap experts Andy Cross and Seth Jayson, logs countless hours researching and crunching numbers before recommending a company to their Motley Fool Hidden Gems members.

And with much success -- here is a small sample of their Motley Fool Hidden Gems winners:

Company Details Return
AZZ A manufacturer and seller of electrical equipment and components +251%
Under Armour A popular sports apparel company +0%
Chipotle Mexican Grill The Mexican food restaurant known for its quick, fresh burritos +698%
Movado Group A designer and maker of watches +155%

All returns updated daily during market hours.

So what's their secret?

It's not what you might think.

They don't chase hot stock tips. They don't rely on supercomputers or fancy algorithms. And they don't have a surefire system for timing the market (all good ways to lose money).

Instead, Andy Cross and Seth Jayson seek out well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services whose stocks are undervalued or unknown by most investors -- and offer the very best to you each month in Motley Fool Hidden Gems.

Each Motley Fool Hidden Gems issue reveals not one, but two TOP undiscovered, undervalued small-cap stocks Andy Cross and Seth Jayson believe are poised to CRUSH the S&P 500 over the next 3 to 5 years.

Each Motley Fool Hidden Gems monthly newsletter hands you:

  • 2 New Stocks: All the details of not one, but TWO stocks Andy Cross and Seth Jayson think most merit your small-cap investment money.
  • 2 New Watch List Stocks: An early look at two stocks undergoing the team's scrutiny, which they think could become potential portfolio candidates. They might be waiting for earnings to smooth out, or for a more attractive entry price.
  • Investing Lessons: Everything you need to become a better, more intelligent investor. From the ins and outs of financial statements to valuing companies -- you receive new lessons every month.

Plus, as a member, you'll also receive:

  • Hidden Gems Weekly: Get the latest news on our recommendations straight from the research pit, so you'll always know exactly where our recommendations sit and where they're headed next.
  • All Back Issues: Every back issue of the newsletter is archived on the site, so you can read every recommendation we've ever published. This will allow you to learn the ins and outs of our time-tested investment strategy so you can make future investments with 100% confidence.
  • Unlimited Access to Our Password-Protected Website: Where you'll get all the information and research you need to become a more successful investor. Plus, you'll join the world's greatest community of investors.

And when you join Motley Fool Hidden Gems today, you'll also receive these fast-action bonuses:

FREE Bonus Report No. 1: 6 Danger Signs You Can Check in 15 Minutes -- These quick and easy checks will help you sniff out "creative accounting," fictitious revenue and other ways companies can seek to deceive their stockholders. These shortcuts will help you cut through balance-sheet chicanery like a laser.

FREE Bonus Report No. 2: 3 Hot Stocks to Buy in 2017 — After exhaustive research and number crunching, Chief Investment Officer, Andy Cross, came up with with 3 companies he believes will position you to profit in 2017. This is the highly sought-after annual report could set up to make 2017 your best investing year ever.

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